Weekend Money & Banking News Update: 1/28-1/29/2017

  1. Trump Lifts Hope of New Term for Bank of Japan’s Haruhiko Kuroda (Financial Times)
  2. Eurozone Bailout Fund – Greek Public Debt Is Manageable (Reuters)
  3. Greek Privatization Revenues Hinge on Swift Bailout Review: Official (Reuters)
  4. ECB Inspection of Monte dei Paschi Ongoing: BOI Official (Reuters)
  5. Italy Government Fund Has Room to Recapitalize Other Banks After Monte dei Paschi: BOI (Reuters)
  6. Trump’s Trade Approach Could Harm World Growth: ECB’s Visco (CNBC)
  7. BOJ to Keep Policy Steady, Seek to Allay Tapering Fears (CNBC)
  8. Fed Grapples With Massive Portfolio (Wall Street Journal)
  9. Japan Central Bank to Weigh Unpredictable Factor at Meeting: Trump (Wall Street Journal)