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A Brief Monetary History Of The United States: Part VIII

Today we bring you Part VIII of “A Brief Monetary History of the United States” from the Ron Paul Monetary Policy Anthology. The full series can be found at the following links:

  • Part I – Colonial Money and the Coinage Act of 1792
  • Part II – The Banks of the United States, McCulloch v. Maryland, and Private Coinage
  • Part III – Government Begins to Monopolize Currency
  • Part IV – The Legal Tender Cases and the “Crime of ’73”
  • Part V – The Rise of the Fed
  • Part VI – The Great Depression, Gold Confiscation, and the Gold Exchange Standard
  • Part VII – The Dollar Reigns Supreme: From Bretton Woods to Stagflation
  • Part VIII – The 1980s to the Great Recession and on to the Future
  • The 1980s to the Great Recession

    Economic conditions became so bad by the late 1970s that calls to return to the gold standard increased. Congress established a Gold Commission in 1980 to examine the possibility of a return to gold. Although President Reagan was publicly sympathetic to the gold standard, he did not restrain the anti-gold members of his administration. As a result, the Gold Commission was packed with supporters of the existing unbacked fiat monetary system. Despite the Commission’s ultimate endorsement of the fiat paper money system, the Commission’s work did provide some impetus towards the eventual adoption of legislation to authorize the minting of Gold Eagle coins by the U.S. Mint—the first gold coins minted by the United States since 1933.