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Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/20/2017

  1. The IMF Just Finished Its First “High Level” Meeting on Blockchain (CoinDesk)
  2. Fed’s Powell Says Parts of Too-Big-To-Fail Rules “Unnecessarily Burdensome” and May Not Be Needed at All (CNBC)
  3. Brief Remarks by Governor Jerome Powell (Federal Reserve Board)
  4. What the Gold Standard Is and Why It “Failed” (Sound Money Project)
  5. Fed’s Powell Open to Adjusting Post-Crisis Bank Regulation (Fox Business)
  6. US House Banking Chairman Unveils Dodd-Frank Replacement (Reuters)
  7. Mastercard Creates Credit Card With Fingerprint Scanner (CNBC)
  8. Federal Reserve Announces Two Enforcement Actions Against Deutsche Bank AG (Federal Reserve Board)
  9. Bank of England’s Carney Calls for “Dynamic” Financial Rules (CNBC)
  10. BOJ’s Kuroda Warns Against Policies Unwinding Free Trade (Fox Business)
  11. Fed’s Powell Suggests Streamlining Bank Stress Tests (Fox Business)
  12. Global Finance Leaders Find a More Temperate Trump in Washington (Reuters)
  13. The US Can’t Afford Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Spending, Warns Former Fed Chief Greenspan (CNBC)
  14. The Market Suddenly Doubts the Fed Will Raise Rates Twice More This Year (CNBC)
  15. Trump to Sign “Financial-Related” Executive Actions on Friday: Sources (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/19/2017

  1. International Effects of Recent Policy Tightening: Speech by Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer (Federal Reserve Board)
  2. China Eases Yuan Outflow Controls in Sign of Recovered Confidence (CNBC)
  3. Boston Fed President Discusses Central Bank Asset Purchases, Balance Sheets (Boston Fed)
  4. Fed’s Rosengren Wants to Shrink Balance Sheet So Slowly That Rate Hikes Can Continue at Same Time (MarketWatch)
  5. Trump “Absolutely Not” Trying to Talk Down Dollar – Treasury’s Mnuchin (Reuters)
  6. Fed’s Fischer: US Monetary Policy Normalization Likely to Be Gradual (CNBC)
  7. European Banks Need More Than Simple Business Restructuring, IMF Warns (CNBC)
  8. Federal Reserve Should Act Predictably to Avoid Big Market Moves, Says IMF Director (CNBC)
  9. Fed Beige Book: Modest Wage Growth Is Broadening (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/18/2017

  1. US Spooks Compromised SWIFT Banking Network: Hackers Group (Cointelegraph)
  2. Former Coordinator of the Plunge Protection Team to Be Nominated by Trump for Top Federal Reserve Position (Economic Policy Journal)
  3. Atlanta and NY Fed Cut US First Quarter GDP View After Weak Data (CNBC)
  4. Monetary Policy Expectations and Surprises: Speech by Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer (Federal Reserve Board)
  5. How a Trump Presidency Poses Big Questions for IMF and World Bank (Financial Times)
  6. Will the French Election Shake the Euro and the Markets? (Financial Times)
  7. Unlike Yellen, Rumored New Fed Bank Supervision Chief Supports Rule-Based Interest Rates (MarketWatch)
  8. Fed Official Backs Bond Paring This Year (CNBC)
  9. Switzerland Is Not Manipulating Its Currency (CNBC)
  10. Maduro Preparing to Swap Venezuela’s Gold for Dollars (Zerohedge)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/13/2017

  1. Time Has Come for Banks to Prepare for Interest Rate Rises: Bundesbank (CNBC)
  2. Trump Administration Narrows List for Fed Regulatory Post (CNBC)
  3. Curtains for Global Financial Regulation (Wall Street Journal)
  4. Jamie Dimon Says Fixing Mortgage Industry Would Boost Lending by $300 Billion a Year (MarketWatch)
  5. Trump’s Foreign Exchange Wobbles Risk Backlash at Home (Financial Times)
  6. Big US Banks Defy Calls That They Should Be Broken Up (Financial Times)
  7. Wall Street CEOs Downplay Risk of New Bank Breakup Law (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/12/2017

  1. India’s Government to Consider New Digital Currency Rules (CoinDesk)
  2. Moody’s: Don’t Expect US to Lead Blockchain Adoption (CoinDesk)
  3. Royal Mint Blockchain Gold Project Gets BitGo, Alphapoint as Partners (Cointelegraph)
  4. Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Just Held a Secretive Off-the-Record Private Meeting With Insiders: WHY? (Economic Policy Journal)
  5. Fed’s Kaplan Says Balance Sheet Plans Won’t Shift Rate Hike Path (CNBC)
  6. How Big a Problem Is the Zero Lower Bound on Interest Rates? (Ben Bernanke’s Blog)
  7. Bernanke’s Conundrum: Why Do Investors Trust the Fed? (MarketWatch)
  8. Bitcoin Value Rises Over $1 Billion as Japan, Russia Move to Legitimize Cryptocurrency (CNBC)
  9. This Digital Currency Is About to Succeed Where Bitcoin Has Failed (MarketWatch)
  10. Trump: China Not a Currency Manipulator, Trade Deficit OK in Exchange for Help on North Korea (MarketWatch)
  11. Trump Won’t Rule Out Second Yellen Term, Signaling Drift to the Mainstream (Reuters)
  12. Why Did Trump Flip Flop on Yellen? She May Be the Dove He Needs, Analysts Say (MarketWatch)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/11/2017

  1. Banks Scramble to Fix Old Systems as IT “Cowboys” Ride Into Sunset (CNBC)
  2. The Fed Could Use Less Book Learning and More Street Smarts (Wall Street Journal)
  3. New York Fed, Two More Wanted No Discount Rate Change in March (CNBC)
  4. Inflation Hawk Lacker Was the Fed’s Fall Guy (Mises Institute)
  5. Minutes of the Board’s Discount Rate Meetings From February 13 Through March 15, 2017 (Federal Reserve Board)
  6. Neel Kashkari at the Minnesota Business Partnership (Minneapolis Fed)
  7. Trump’s Message to Bankers: Wall Street Reform Rules May Be Eliminated (Reuters)
  8. Fed’s Kashkari Sees Room for Improvement on Inflation, Jobs (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/10/2017

  1. The US College Debt Bubble Is Becoming Dangerous (Financial Times)
  2. Cybertheft Attempt on Indian Bank Resembles Bangladesh Heist (Wall Street Journal)
  3. US Fed Could End Reinvestment Policy This Year: Fed’s Bullard (CNBC)
  4. Euro Exit for Italy or France Would Be a Trauma (Financial Times)
  5. Bank of England Pushed Banks to Rig LIBOR, Secret BBC Tape Suggests (MarketWatch)
  6. Bank of England Asks Financial Firms to Submit Brexit Contingency Plans (MercoPress)
  7. “Best Banker in America” Blamed for Wells Fargo Sales Scandal (Reuters)
  8. European Regulators Offer Brexit Sweeteners to Investment Banks (Reuters)
  9. Bank of England Drawn Into LIBOR Probe, Assists Serious Fraud Office (CNBC)
  10. IMF Warns Protectionism and Monetary Tightening to Hurt Emerging Markets (CNBC)
  11. Yellen Says Fed’s Efforts Shifting From Acceleration to Cruise Control (MarketWatch)
  12. The Tyvek Banknotes of Haiti (Coin Update)
  13. Yellen Says Fed’s Independence Under Threat From Congress (Fox Business)
  14. Fed’s Yellen Aims to Let “Healthy” US Economy Coast Along (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/7/2017

  1. Bank of England’s Carney Calls for UK-EU Rules Pact After Brexit (CNBC)
  2. Fed’s Kashkari to Jamie Dimon: It’s “Nothing Personal” – Big Banks Need to Double Their Safety Nets (CNBC)
  3. ECB’s Praet Says It’s Too Early to Start Discussing a Reduction of Bond Buying (CNBC)
  4. Principles for Financial Regulatory Reform: Speech by William Dudley (New York Fed)
  5. Fed’s Dudley Says US Should Consider Small Changes to Financial Regulation (CNBC)
  6. Fed’s Dudley Stakes Out Third Position on Too Big to Fail (MarketWatch)
  7. US Regulator Removes Top Examiner for Wells Fargo – Sources (Reuters)
  8. Wall Street Sees Fed Balance Sheet Normalization Plan by Year End: Reuters Poll (Reuters)
  9. Venezuela Clinches $300 Million Deal With New York Fund: Sources (Reuters)
  10. China Forex Reserves Rose for Second Straight Month in March (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/6/2017

  1. Fed Can Start Unwinding Stimulus This Year: Williams (CNBC)
  2. Gary Cohn Supports Splitting Lending and Investment Banks: Bloomberg (CNBC)
  3. Banks, Insurers May Suffer If US Gets Stuck in a Low Interest Rate Economy, IMF Says (MarketWatch)
  4. The Stock and Real Estate Markets Will Tumble Once the ECB Follows the Fed (MarketWatch)
  5. The Next Step in Europe’s Negative Interest Rate Experiment (Mises Institute)
  6. What Two Billion Retail Transactions Reveal About Consumers’ Choice of Payments (Richmond Fed)
  7. Dollar-Denominated Cryptocurrencies: Flops and Tethered Success (Cato Institute)
  8. PCGS to Begin Branch-Mint ID for Certain American Silver Eagles; Gives Tips on How to Identify the Branch (Coin Update)
  9. White House’s Cohn Backs Return to Glass-Steagall Law: Report (MarketWatch)
  10. Germany Is Doubling Down on Its Resistance to ECB Stimulus… and It’s Now Affecting the Euro (CNBC)
  11. Draghi Says ECB’s Policy Stance Is Still Appropriate, Too Soon to Reduce Stimulus (CNBC)
  12. NY Fed Disagrees With Minutes: Does Not Expect Balance Sheet Renormalization Until Mid-2018 (Zerohedge)
  13. ECB Calls for Tougher Regulation of Foreign Bank Branches (Reuters)
  14. Fed’s Kashkari Says JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon Is Dead Wrong About Banks (CNBC)
  15. The Fed’s New Frontier: What Happens, Why It Matters, and What Could Go Wrong (CNBC)
  16. ECB’s Mario Draghi: It’s Too Soon to Reduce Stimulus (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/5/2017

  1. Fed Plans to Shrink Balance Sheet This Year, Minutes Show (MarketWatch)
  2. Trump Continues to Ignore Monetary Policy – And It Will Cost Him (Mises Institute)
  3. Fannie and Freddie’s New Bubble (Mises Institute)
  4. Minutes of the March 14-15 Federal Open Market Committee Meeting (Federal Reserve Board)
  5. Welcoming Remarks by Governor Jerome Powell (Federal Reserve Board)
  6. European Union: New €50 “Europa” Series Banknote Issued Today (Coin Update)
  7. Fed’s Tarullo May Have Provided “Major Headache Relief” for Biggest Banks in His Farewell Speech (MarketWatch)
  8. Most Fed Policymakers See Change to Balance Sheet Policy “Later This year”: Minutes (Reuters)
  9. Wall Street Falls as Fed Minutes Reverse Earlier Rally (Reuters)
  10. Wells Fargo’s Aggressive Sales Tactics Hit Small Firms: WSJ (Reuters)
  11. US Consumer Financial Protection Chief Defends Agency Before Congress (Reuters)
  12. Fed Officials Say the Stock Market May Be Overvalued and History Shows They Are Often Right (CNBC)
  13. Fed Officials Expect to Whittle Down Portfolio Later This Year: Minutes (Wall Street Journal)
  14. Former Fed Policymaker Lockhart Says Lacker Leak Could “Very Well Be Inadvertent” (CNBC)
  15. Mexican Central Bank Says Trump’s Tweets Modified Peso Strategy (Reuters)
  16. Financial Institutions Risk 24 Percent Revenue Loss From Fintech: PwC (Reuters)
  17. Former Fed Advisor Says the Central Bank Shouldn’t Comment on Equities (CNBC)