Ron Paul’s Monetary Anthology

Ron Paul’s Monetary Policy Anthology was a capstone project put together by Dr. Paul’s Congressional office at the end of his final term of office. Released in January 2013, the anthology compiled all of Dr. Paul’s activities as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy (DMP) in one place.

Volume 1 contains a brief monetary history of the United States; the transcripts of the popular “Tea Talk” series of lectures on money; the transcripts of Dr. Paul’s exchanges with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke during Dr. Paul’s tenure as DMP Chairman; the transcripts and testimony from all the monetary policy hearings Dr. Paul held in his subcommittee; and commentary from expert economists about those hearings.

Download Volume 1: (PDF; 1,481 pages; 14MB)

Volume 2 consists of appendices and supplemental materials from those hearings. This includes what we believe to be the first ever published list of every single gold bar held by the United States Treasury.

Download Volume 2: (PDF; 2,948 pages; 39.6MB)

If for some reason the above links do not work, please use the below links to download the anthology from Dropbox.

Volume 1
Volume 2, Part 1
Volume 2, Part 2
Volume 2, Part 3