Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/4/2017

  1. Wrong Lessons From Canada’s Private Currency, Part 3 (Alt-M)
  2. Fed Reshuffle to Put Focus on Regulation and Bank Stress Tests (Financial Times)
  3. Majority of French Voters Want an EU Referendum: Citi (CNBC)
  4. Federal Reserve Is Committed to Maintaining the Security of Confidential FOMC Information (Federal Reserve Board)
  5. Richmond Fed Head Resigns, Admits Improper Discussions (Yahoo Finance)
  6. Departing Thoughts: Speech by Governor Daniel Tarullo (Federal Reserve Board)
  7. Big Banks Are Raking in the Revenue From the Trump Trade (CNBC)
  8. Fed’s Tarullo Says Volcker Rule May Be Hurting Trading (MarketWatch)
  9. Amazon’s Next Customer: Americans Who Don’t Have a Bank Account (MarketWatch)
  10. How the Global Debt Pile Rose to “Eye-Watering” Levels (MarketWatch)
  11. Richmond Fed President Quits After Disclosing He Leaked Sensitive Information (MarketWatch)
  12. Statement From Mark Bialek Concerning September 2012 FOMC Meeting Information (Office of the Inspector General of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)
  13. How to Wind Down Balance Sheet Will Be Focus of Fed Minutes (MarketWatch)
  14. Trump Says Planning “Haircut” for Dodd-Frank Banking Regulations (Reuters)
  15. Fed’s Tarullo: Reduction of Capital at US Banks “Would Be Ill-Advised” (CNBC)
  16. Bank of America’s CEO Says Lending to Startups, Homebuyers Would Expand If Deregulation Happens (CNBC)
  17. Pedro da Costa: “I Tried to Ask Yellen About the Fed Leak” (Zerohedge)