Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/3/2017

  1. ECB Warns Governments to Get Set for Higher Rates (CNBC)
  2. Why ECB’s Negative-Rate Policy Is Out of Order (Wall Street Journal)
  3. Trouble Bubbling Under at Chinese Banks (Wall Street Journal)
  4. Cash Cow Credit Cards May Get Hit by UK Bank Regulators (Wall Street Journal)
  5. Opening Remarks at the Economic Press Briefing on Household Borrowing, Student Debt Trends, and Homeownership by President William Dudley (New York Fed)
  6. Lost in the Balance Sheet Debate – the Fed May Pause Rate Hikes Once Runoff Begins (MarketWatch)
  7. Even After Brexit, Central Banks Choose Pounds Over Euros: Survey (MarketWatch)
  8. Fintech: Revolution or Evolution? – Speech by President Patrick Harker (Philadelphia Fed)
  9. How to Stop Venezuela’s Fatal Inflation (Cato Institute)
  10. Fed’s Harker Still Backs Two More Rate Hikes This Year (CNBC)