Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/20/2017

  1. The IMF Just Finished Its First “High Level” Meeting on Blockchain (CoinDesk)
  2. Fed’s Powell Says Parts of Too-Big-To-Fail Rules “Unnecessarily Burdensome” and May Not Be Needed at All (CNBC)
  3. Brief Remarks by Governor Jerome Powell (Federal Reserve Board)
  4. What the Gold Standard Is and Why It “Failed” (Sound Money Project)
  5. Fed’s Powell Open to Adjusting Post-Crisis Bank Regulation (Fox Business)
  6. US House Banking Chairman Unveils Dodd-Frank Replacement (Reuters)
  7. Mastercard Creates Credit Card With Fingerprint Scanner (CNBC)
  8. Federal Reserve Announces Two Enforcement Actions Against Deutsche Bank AG (Federal Reserve Board)
  9. Bank of England’s Carney Calls for “Dynamic” Financial Rules (CNBC)
  10. BOJ’s Kuroda Warns Against Policies Unwinding Free Trade (Fox Business)
  11. Fed’s Powell Suggests Streamlining Bank Stress Tests (Fox Business)
  12. Global Finance Leaders Find a More Temperate Trump in Washington (Reuters)
  13. The US Can’t Afford Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Spending, Warns Former Fed Chief Greenspan (CNBC)
  14. The Market Suddenly Doubts the Fed Will Raise Rates Twice More This Year (CNBC)
  15. Trump to Sign “Financial-Related” Executive Actions on Friday: Sources (CNBC)