Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/18/2017

  1. US Spooks Compromised SWIFT Banking Network: Hackers Group (Cointelegraph)
  2. Former Coordinator of the Plunge Protection Team to Be Nominated by Trump for Top Federal Reserve Position (Economic Policy Journal)
  3. Atlanta and NY Fed Cut US First Quarter GDP View After Weak Data (CNBC)
  4. Monetary Policy Expectations and Surprises: Speech by Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer (Federal Reserve Board)
  5. How a Trump Presidency Poses Big Questions for IMF and World Bank (Financial Times)
  6. Will the French Election Shake the Euro and the Markets? (Financial Times)
  7. Unlike Yellen, Rumored New Fed Bank Supervision Chief Supports Rule-Based Interest Rates (MarketWatch)
  8. Fed Official Backs Bond Paring This Year (CNBC)
  9. Switzerland Is Not Manipulating Its Currency (CNBC)
  10. Maduro Preparing to Swap Venezuela’s Gold for Dollars (Zerohedge)