Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/12/2017

  1. India’s Government to Consider New Digital Currency Rules (CoinDesk)
  2. Moody’s: Don’t Expect US to Lead Blockchain Adoption (CoinDesk)
  3. Royal Mint Blockchain Gold Project Gets BitGo, Alphapoint as Partners (Cointelegraph)
  4. Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Just Held a Secretive Off-the-Record Private Meeting With Insiders: WHY? (Economic Policy Journal)
  5. Fed’s Kaplan Says Balance Sheet Plans Won’t Shift Rate Hike Path (CNBC)
  6. How Big a Problem Is the Zero Lower Bound on Interest Rates? (Ben Bernanke’s Blog)
  7. Bernanke’s Conundrum: Why Do Investors Trust the Fed? (MarketWatch)
  8. Bitcoin Value Rises Over $1 Billion as Japan, Russia Move to Legitimize Cryptocurrency (CNBC)
  9. This Digital Currency Is About to Succeed Where Bitcoin Has Failed (MarketWatch)
  10. Trump: China Not a Currency Manipulator, Trade Deficit OK in Exchange for Help on North Korea (MarketWatch)
  11. Trump Won’t Rule Out Second Yellen Term, Signaling Drift to the Mainstream (Reuters)
  12. Why Did Trump Flip Flop on Yellen? She May Be the Dove He Needs, Analysts Say (MarketWatch)