Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/11/2017

  1. Banks Scramble to Fix Old Systems as IT “Cowboys” Ride Into Sunset (CNBC)
  2. The Fed Could Use Less Book Learning and More Street Smarts (Wall Street Journal)
  3. New York Fed, Two More Wanted No Discount Rate Change in March (CNBC)
  4. Inflation Hawk Lacker Was the Fed’s Fall Guy (Mises Institute)
  5. Minutes of the Board’s Discount Rate Meetings From February 13 Through March 15, 2017 (Federal Reserve Board)
  6. Neel Kashkari at the Minnesota Business Partnership (Minneapolis Fed)
  7. Trump’s Message to Bankers: Wall Street Reform Rules May Be Eliminated (Reuters)
  8. Fed’s Kashkari Sees Room for Improvement on Inflation, Jobs (CNBC)