Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/10/2017

  1. The US College Debt Bubble Is Becoming Dangerous (Financial Times)
  2. Cybertheft Attempt on Indian Bank Resembles Bangladesh Heist (Wall Street Journal)
  3. US Fed Could End Reinvestment Policy This Year: Fed’s Bullard (CNBC)
  4. Euro Exit for Italy or France Would Be a Trauma (Financial Times)
  5. Bank of England Pushed Banks to Rig LIBOR, Secret BBC Tape Suggests (MarketWatch)
  6. Bank of England Asks Financial Firms to Submit Brexit Contingency Plans (MercoPress)
  7. “Best Banker in America” Blamed for Wells Fargo Sales Scandal (Reuters)
  8. European Regulators Offer Brexit Sweeteners to Investment Banks (Reuters)
  9. Bank of England Drawn Into LIBOR Probe, Assists Serious Fraud Office (CNBC)
  10. IMF Warns Protectionism and Monetary Tightening to Hurt Emerging Markets (CNBC)
  11. Yellen Says Fed’s Efforts Shifting From Acceleration to Cruise Control (MarketWatch)
  12. The Tyvek Banknotes of Haiti (Coin Update)
  13. Yellen Says Fed’s Independence Under Threat From Congress (Fox Business)
  14. Fed’s Yellen Aims to Let “Healthy” US Economy Coast Along (Reuters)