Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/9/2017

  1. The War on Cash Finds Its General (Mises Institute)
  2. Demonetization Pushes India’s Billionaires Down the Rich List (Financial Times)
  3. Trump to Meet With US Community Bankers on Regulatory Costs (Fox Business)
  4. ECB to Sit Tight Ahead of High-Risk Elections (Reuters)
  5. How a Fish Became Prison Currency (Foundation for Economic Education)
  6. Senate Banking Committee to Tackle Capital Formation (CNBC)
  7. China’s Bitcoin Exchange Freeze May Be Likely to Continue (CoinDesk)
  8. European Central Bank Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged (Fox Business)
  9. ECB Holds Interest Rates at Zero Percent Ahead of High Risk Elections (CNBC)
  10. ECB Leaves Rates, Policy Guidance Unchanged (Wall Street Journal)
  11. Mario Draghi in No Hurry to Pull Plug on ECB Stimulus (MarketWatch)
  12. Draghi Told EU Leaders to Reform Before Loose Policies End: Merkel (CNBC)
  13. As ECB Tweaks Tone, Markets Should Listen (Wall Street Journal)