Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/3/2017

  1. China’s New Banking Watchdog Chief Coy on Super-Regulator Role “Rumor” (CNBC)
  2. Ahead of Yellen Speech, These Charts Show Dramatic Rise in Market Expectations for March Fed Hike (MarketWatch)
  3. China Lost the Currency War, But the “Manipulation” Continues (MarketWatch)
  4. Yellen to Headline Final Round of Fed Speeches Before March Meeting (Wall Street Journal)
  5. Innovation, Technology, and the Payments System: Speech by Governor Jerome Powell (Federal Reserve Board)
  6. Monetary Policy: By Rule, By Committee, or By Both? – Speech by Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer (Federal Reserve Board)
  7. From Adding Accommodation to Scaling It Back: Speech by Chairman Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve Board)
  8. The Federal Reserve Has One Last “Low Hurdle” to Jump Before a Rate Hike (CNBC)
  9. Fed’s Yellen Boosts Expectations of March Rate Rise (Financial Times)
  10. Fed and ECB Go Their Separate Ways (Reuters)
  11. Fed’s Fischer Avoids Rate Debate, Makes Case for Free Hand in Policy (CNBC)
  12. Bitcoin Hits All-Time High as Talk of US ETF Approval Intensifies (CNBC)
  13. Investors Still Not Reading a Hawkish Fed’s Lips (Wall Street Journal)
  14. Yellen Signals Rate Increase Likely at March Fed Meeting (Wall Street Journal)