Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/31/2017

  1. Inflation Reaches Fed Target for First Time in Nearly Five Years (MarketWatch)
  2. The War on Cash: Old and New (Mises Institute)
  3. China’s Global Currency Ambitions Falling Flat With Central Banks (MarketWatch)
  4. President Bullard Discusses US Economy, Interest Rates, Fed Balance Sheet at New York Forum (St. Louis Fed)
  5. Q&A With Neel Kashkari at the 2017 Banking Law Institute (Minneapolis Fed)
  6. Fed’s Bullard Says Economy “Not Screaming” for More Rate Hikes (MarketWatch)
  7. Fed’s Dudley Says Two More Interest Rate Hikes This Year “Seems Reasonable” (MarketWatch)
  8. Eurozone Technocrats Recommend EU/IMF Mission Chiefs Return to Greece for Bailout Talks (Reuters)
  9. Fed’s Kashkari Says Policymakers Want to Trim Balance Sheet (CNBC)
  10. China’s Tectonic Shift in Bank Funding (Wall Street Journal)
  11. Federal Reserve Readies Plan for Balance Sheet (Wall Street Journal)