Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/30/2017

  1. Global Systemically Important Banks – Revised Assessment Framework – Consultative Document (Bank for International Settlements)
  2. Jim Rogers Warns Clueless Federal Reserve Will Be the “Ruins of Us All” (Lewrockwell.com)
  3. Fed’s Mester Not Worried About Expected Slowdown in First Quarter GDP (MarketWatch)
  4. Fed Officials Say They May Need to Pick Up Pace of Rate Increases (Wall Street Journal)
  5. ECB’s Knot Says Central Bank Could Soon Start Unwinding Stimulus (Wall Street Journal)
  6. The Importance of Financial Conditions in the Conduct of Monetary Policy (New York Fed)
  7. Fed’s Dudley Says Rate Hikes Are Appropriate to Reduce the Risk of Overheating (CNBC)
  8. Fed Is Not Taking Away the Punch Bowl, Just Adding “A Bit More Fruit Juice,” Dudley Says (MarketWatch)
  9. Fed’s Kaplan Sees Risk Washington Could Derail the Expansion (MarketWatch)
  10. The Case for Gradual But Regular Monetary Policy Normalization: Speech by President Eric Rosengren (Boston Fed)
  11. On Venezuela’s Death Spiral (Cato Institute)
  12. Fed Paper Suggests Investors Get Used to Low Rates (MarketWatch)
  13. Even With More Chip Cards Out There, Fraud at ATMs Is Up (MarketWatch)
  14. Senate Banking Chair Wants Financial Rules Reform By Early 2018 (Reuters)
  15. Fed Sees Car Trouble Down South (Wall Street Journal)