Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/20/2017

  1. EU’s Flawed Claim to a Global Financial Hub (Financial Times)
  2. Europe Faces Unfinished Business on the Euro (Financial Times)
  3. Price of Bitcoin Plummets Over Threat That Virtual Currency Will Split (MarketWatch)
  4. The Fed’s Stealthy QE – $267 Billion of Fresh Liquidity Injected Since Mid-January (CNBC)
  5. Fed on Track to Raise US Rates Twice More This Year: Evans (Reuters)
  6. Lone Fed Hike Dissenter Neel Kashkari: We Shouldn’t Fix What’s Not Broken (CNBC)
  7. Fed’s Harker: “Prudent” to Raise Rates (CNBC) (VIDEO)
  8. Australia’s Central Bank Warns of Growing Risks in Housing (CNBC)
  9. Small Swiss Bank Gambles, and Wins, by Charging for Deposits (Wall Street Journal)