Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/17/2017

  1. IMF Under Pressure in Washington Over Greek Bailout (Financial Times)
  2. Global Financiers Line Up to Engage With Le Pen (Financial Times)
  3. Eurogroup Chief Becomes High-Profile Casualty of Dutch Elections (Financial Times)
  4. Fed Eases Bank Merger Rules by Lifting Size Threshold for Review (CNBC)
  5. Fed’s Kashkari Explains Rate Dissent – Wants Plan on Balance Sheet Before Any More Hikes (CNBC)
  6. Bank of England Chief Warns Against Giving Into “Fatigue” for Post-Crisis Reforms (MarketWatch)
  7. Bitcoin Traders Report Some Bank Accounts Still Being Terminated (Bitcoin Magazine)
  8. Yellen’s Balance Sheet Baloney (Cato Institute)
  9. Democrats Say Wells Fargo Probe “Far From Over” (Financial Times)
  10. Fed’s Kashkari Saw No Need to Raise Interest Rates This Week as Inflation Remains Tame (MarketWatch)
  11. Europe Is Worried About Trump’s Plans to De-Regulate Banks (CNBC)
  12. IMF Moves a Step Closer to Joining Greek Bailout, Sources Tell CNBC (CNBC)
  13. Global Bonds: Risking a Rude Central Bank Awakening (Wall Street Journal)