Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/16/2017

  1. Evidence That China Is No Currency Manipulator (CNBC)
  2. BOJ Keeps Policy Steady as Fed Sticks to Rate Hike Path (CNBC)
  3. Bank of Japan Keeps Monetary Policy Unchanged (MarketWatch)
  4. Wrong Lessons From Canada’s Private Currency, Part 1 (Cato Institute)
  5. Fed Rate Moves Could Spell End to Asian Easing (Reuters)
  6. Lagarde Says Blast at Paris IMF Office “Cowardly Act of Violence” (CNBC)
  7. Bank of England Votes 8-1 to Hold Interest Rate at 0.25 Percent (CNBC)
  8. Fed Is Still Way Behind the Curve After Rate Hike, Says Former Governor (CNBC)
  9. PBOC Raises Yuan Midpoint the Most in Nearly Two Months (CNBC)
  10. China Tweaks Policy to Get Comfortable With Fed’s Rising Rates (Wall Street Journal)
  11. Fed and Investors Are a Happy Couple, for Now (Wall Street Journal)
  12. The Fed’s Era of Contentment (Wall Street Journal)
  13. Trump’s Currency Conundrum Risks Fueling G20 Trade Tensions (Wall Street Journal)
  14. Economists’ Costly Obsession With Demand (Wall Street Journal)
  15. Team Trump: Yellen and Mnuchin Head to G20 (Fox Business)
  16. Debate Over Bank Capital Requirements Heats Up (MarketWatch)
  17. Four Sanctioned North Korean Banks Delisted by SWIFT (MarketWatch)
  18. As Easy-Money Era Winds Down, Investors Bet on Growth (Wall Street Journal)
  19. China Raises Some Key Short-Term Interest Rates, Following Fed Closely (Wall Street Journal)
  20. Fed Eases Bank Merger Rules by Lifting Size Threshold for Review (Reuters)