Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/15/2017

  1. Are We Heading Toward Another Subprime Mortgage Crisis? (Cato Institute)
  2. Fed Expected to Raise Rates as US Economy Flexes Muscle (Reuters)
  3. FOMC Monetary Policy Statment (Federal Reserve Board)
  4. FOMC Participant Summary of Economic Projections (Federal Reserve Board)
  5. Inflation Is Back, But Economy Remains Weak (CNBC)
  6. Atlanta Fed Downgrades US Q1 GDP View Below 1% (CNBC)
  7. After the Fed Rate Hike, Credit Card Holders Could Pay an Extra $1.6 Billion (MarketWatch)
  8. Making His First Dissent, Fed’s Kashkari Takes Up Dovish Banner (MarketWatch)
  9. Yellen Has a Simple Message for Consumers After Fed Rate Hike (MarketWatch)
  10. Fed Raises Interest Rates by a Quarter Point, Sees Two More Hikes This Year (MarketWatch)
  11. Here’s When Fed Officials Say They Will Hit 2% Inflation Target (MarketWatch)
  12. Yellen’s Message: My Work Here Is (Mostly) Done (New York Times)
  13. Fed Increases Interest Rates as Inflation Pressures Loom (Financial Times)
  14. This Startup Is Building a Bridge Between Banks and Legal Marijuana Sellers (CNBC)