Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/13/2017

  1. Fed May Not “Pull Any Punches” in Policy Statement (MarketWatch)
  2. Blizzard Likely Won’t Delay Fed From Raising Rates (MarketWatch)
  3. Atlanta Fed Taps Bostic as New President (MarketWatch)
  4. After Bharara, What to Expect on Wall Street Enforcement (MarketWatch)
  5. Don’t Bet on a Bitcoin ETF Happening Soon, Analysts Say (MarketWatch)
  6. At the Fed, Spring Comes Early With Return to New “Normal” (Reuters)
  7. Blackstone Picks Luxembourg for EU Base (Reuters)
  8. Treasury’s Mnuchin to “Push Hard” for US Interests at G20: Official (Reuters)
  9. Trump Wants Faster Growth. The Fed Isn’t So Sure (CNBC)
  10. Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank Picks Raphael Bostic to Succeed Dennis Lockhart as New President and CEO (CNBC)
  11. Bitcoin Shrugs Off Rejection by US Regulators (CNBC)
  12. Chinese Banks’ Latest Funding Trick Gets Scrutiny It Deserves (Wall Street Journal)
  13. US Treasury Secretary to Push G20 on Currency Vows and Trade Policies (Wall Street Journal)