Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/1/2017

  1. High Prices Don’t Cause Economic Bubbles (Mises Institute)
  2. Minutes of January 23 and February 1 Discount Window Meetings (Federal Reserve Board)
  3. Markets Shift Attention From Trump Towards Federal Reserve (Financial Times)
  4. Federal Reserve Summary of Economic Conditions (Federal Reserve Board)
  5. Fed Shifts Away From Lingering Over Rate Rise Decisions (Financial Times)
  6. Fed’s Beige Book Says Business Optimism Has Cooled a Bit (MarketWatch)
  7. More Wells Fargo Customers May Be Affected by Sales Scandal: Filing (Reuters)
  8. Transitions in the Outlook and Monetary Policy: Speech by Governor Lael Brainard (Federal Reserve Board)
  9. Fed’s Kaplan Says Should Raise Rates Soon So Hikes Can Be Gradual (CNBC)
  10. Fed’s Brainard, Citing Improved Global Economy, Says Rates Can Rise “Soon” (CNBC)