Daily Money & Banking News Update: 2/3/2017

  1. Fed’s Evans Wants Interest Rate Hikes at a “Slow Pace” (MarketWatch)
  2. Fed Puts More Emphasis on Commercial Real Estate in 2017 Stress Test (Reuters)
  3. Fed Outlines Terms for Bank Stress Test This Summer (Reuters)
  4. Fed’s Evans Sees Fiscal Boost to US Growth, Wants Slow Rate Hikes (CNBC)
  5. Trump Says He Will Cut “A Lot” Out of Financial Regulations (CNBC)
  6. Zimbabwe Introduces New “Bond Note” as Cash Shortages Bite (CNBC)
  7. US to World: Banking Deregulation Race Back On (Wall Street Journal)
  8. Trump Reforms Are Stuff of Banker Dreams (Wall Street Journal)
  9. Trump Economic Adviser Likens Wall Street Regulatory Regime to an Unappealing Restaurant Menu (MarketWatch)
  10. Trump Moves to Roll Back Obama-Era Financial Regulations (New York Times)
  11. Republican Attack on Fed Casts Doubt Over Global Bank Rules (Financial Times)
  12. China Tightens Monetary Policy by Raising Repo Rates (Wall Street Journal)
  13. UK Assures Gibraltar About Access to Financial Services Market and Sovereignty (MercoPress)
  14. Wall Street Stands With Two Fed-Hike Outlook for 2017: Reuters Poll (Reuters)
  15. The Uneasy Politician: Janet Yellen Is Struggling to Fend Off the Fed’s Many Critics (Wall Street Journal)