Daily Money & Banking News Update: 2/28/2017

  1. Case for Fed Rate Hike Now a Lot More Compelling: Dudley (CNBC)
  2. The Role of the Fed’s Balance Sheet for the US Monetary Policy Outlook in 2017: Presentation by President James Bullard (St. Louis Fed)
  3. Why There Is No Fiscal Case for the Fed’s Large Balance Sheet (Alt-M)
  4. Virginia Sales Tax Exemption Expanded to Include Coins (Coin Update)
  5. Dallas Fed’s Kaplan: We Should Be in the Process of Removing Accommodation (CNBC)
  6. China’s Leaders Still Banking on “Irreplaceable” Central Bank Chief (CNBC)
  7. Trumpflation vs. Negative Rates: The Battle Endures (Wall Street Journal)
  8. The Newest Bank Blockchain: Will This Be the Breakthrough? (Wall Street Journal)