Daily Money & Banking News Update: 2/27/2017

  1. The Return of the Change Agent: Meet the Man Set to Shake Up China’s Banking Industry (CNBC)
  2. Thanks to Demonetization, India Could Lose Growth Crown (CNBC)
  3. Defending the Euro Starts With Cleaning Up the Banks (Wall Street Journal)
  4. Trump’s Call to Bring Back Jobs Test US Banks (Financial Times)
  5. US Banks Hit Brakes on Lending After Trump Election (Financial Times)
  6. Odds of March Fed Interest Rate Hike Spike Above 50% (MarketWatch)
  7. India Firms Fear Lingering Economic Aftershocks From Cash Crackdown (Reuters)
  8. “Bad Banks” Spread Across China (Wall Street Journal)
  9. China Eyes 12 Percent Broad Money Supply Rise in 2017: Sources (Reuters)