Daily Money & Banking News Update: 2/1/2017

  1. FOMC Monetary Policy Statement (Federal Reserve Board)
  2. India Assaults Cash Again, 100% Fine for Cash Use Will Boost Bitcoin Price (Cointelegraph)
  3. Fed Holds Interest Rates as It Waits for Real Economy to Match Rising Confidence (MarketWatch)
  4. Strong Dollar Seen as Threat to Gold Revival (Financial Times)
  5. Central Banking: On Hold Amid Change in Washington (Wall Street Journal)
  6. Royal Mint Bullion Coin Sales Surge on Wave of Political Turmoil (Reuters)
  7. Fed’s Message on Portfolio Trimming: Prepare, Don’t Fret (Reuters)
  8. Share of Eurozone Sovereign Debt With Negative Yields Falls to 40 Percent – Tradeweb (Reuters)
  9. If Trump Shakes Up the Fed, Monetary Policy Won’t Be the Same for the Next 10 Years: Deutsche Bank (CNBC)
  10. Bank of England Seen Holding Rates as Economy Continues to Outperform (CNBC)
  11. Trump’s Beef With Berlin – Why Accusations of Euro Exploitation Are Simply “Nonsense” (CNBC)
  12. Looming Financial Crunch of Post-Brexit Britain (Wall Street Journal)
  13. Trump Devaluation Claims Raise Fears of Global Currency War (Financial Times)
  14. Japanese Regional Banks to Join Yuan Payment Network – Nikkei (Reuters)
  15. Bank of England Faces Brexit Balancing Act on Growth and Rates (Reuters)