Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/31/2017

  1. Baptists and Bootleggers in the Organized Effort to Restrict the Use of Cash (Alt-M)
  2. Trump’s Top Trade Adviser Accuses Germany of Currency Exploitation (Financial Times)
  3. Fed Likely to Keep Rates Steady as It Awaits Trump Economic Plan (Reuters)
  4. Germany Throws Cold Water on EU “Bad Bank” Plan to Tackle Soured Loans (Reuters)
  5. Merkel Rejects US Comments, Says Germany Cannot Influence Euro (Reuters)
  6. Weak Pay Growth Is Posing a Big Headache for the Fed (CNBC)
  7. Deutsche Bank Fined $204 Million by British Regulator FCA for Serious Anti-Money Laundering Control Failings (CNBC)
  8. Bank of Japan Airs Concern Over Donald Trump’s Protectionist Approach (Wall Street Journal)
  9. Eurozone Economy Grows at Faster Pace Than US (Wall Street Journal)
  10. Researcher: EU’s Plan to Restrict Cash Payments Could Have Unexpected Economic Effects (Helsinki Times)
  11. Three Things to Watch For at the Bank of England’s “Super Thursday” (MarketWatch)
  12. Gold Becomes One of Investors’ Favorite Safe Havens With Trump Uncertainty (Reuters)
  13. Japan Policymakers Reject Trump Devaluation Claims (Reuters)
  14. No “New London” in EU After Brexit, Says Irish Central Bank Head (Reuters)
  15. ECB’s Lane Says UK and EU May Need Arrangement for Post-Brexit Central Bank Ties (CNBC)