Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/30/2017

  1. Should Cash Be Abolished? (Mises Institute)
  2. Things Just Got Serious in Europe’s War on Cash (Economic Policy Journal)
  3. The US “Debt Bomb Is Going to Explode,” Strategist Peter Schiff Says (CNBC)
  4. Will Trump Drop His Grumbling About Fed and Favor Low Rates? (Fox Business)
  5. Fed Has Turned More Dovish Ahead of Meeting, Analysis Finds (MarketWatch)
  6. New Eurozone Loans to Greece Hinge on IMF Participation in Bailout: ESM (Reuters)
  7. Germany Talks to Banks About Frankfurt Move After Brexit (Reuters)
  8. Not Again? Why Greece Could Be on Track for Another Bailout (CNBC)
  9. Federal Reserve Staffer Fined for Mining Bitcoins at Work (CoinDesk)
  10. Fed to Hold Interest Rates While Congress Debates Stimulus (MarketWatch)
  11. Central Banks Should Revert to Conventional Tools, New BIS Head Says (Reuters)
  12. Fed Exempts Smaller Banks From Part of “Stress Test” in Expected Move (Reuters)
  13. Deutsche Bank to Pay $425 Million Fine Over Russian Money-Laundering Scheme: New York Regulator (CNBC)
  14. Bank of Japan Maintains Inflation Forecast (MarketWatch)
  15. BOJ Keeps Policy Steady, Maintains Upbeat Price Forecasts (Reuters)