Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/27/2017

  1. Bank of England to Sit Tight as Brexit Crosswinds Blow (Reuters)
  2. Fed to Align Itself With Government Hiring Freeze (Wall Street Journal)
  3. Bank of England: “Tougher Regs” for “World’s Leading Fintech Center” London (Cointelegraph)
  4. Greece Faces “Explosive” Surge in Public Debt, IMF Warns (Financial Times)
  5. Citigroup Quietly Launches Small Business Lending Website (Reuters)
  6. US Bank Trade Group Seeks Marketplace Lending Partnership (Reuters)
  7. Italy Will Respect EU Budget Rules But Not Risk Depressing Economy: PM Gentiloni (Reuters)
  8. Germany Pours Cold Water on Europe’s Bond-Backed “Safe Assets” (Reuters)