Daily Money & Banking News Update: 07/29/2015

  1. Greek Stock Market Unlikely to Reopen This Week (CNBC)
  2. Irish Central Bank Planning for Possible “Brexit” (Reuters)
  3. IMF Chief: China Response to Stock Plunge Won’t Weigh on Currency Review (Reuters)
  4. FOMC Monetary Policy Statement (Federal Reserve Board)
  5. Yellen Sends a Carefully Crafted Signal (Financial Times)
  6. Stock, Bond Investors Cheer Fed’s Statement (Wall Street Journal)
  7. Reading the Tea Leaves of Janet Yellen’s Every Word (CNBC)
  8. US Fed Expected to Push Ahead with Rate Hike Plan (CNBC)
  9. Christine Lagarde Plays Down Beef with Janet Yellen Over Rate-Hike Timing (MarketWatch)
  10. The War on Cash: Why Now? (Mises Institute)
  11. There Was No Place Like Canada (Alt-M)
  12. BOJ’s Money Fest Strikes Out – June Retail Sales Plunge, Q2 Headed for Negative GDP Print (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
  13. Five Hawkish Signals the Fed Might Send Today (MarketWatch)
  14. IMF’s Lagarde Doesn’t Fear China, Europe Will Hurt Global Growth (MarketWatch)
  15. A Split Decision Looms from Fed on Job and Inflation Goals (Wall Street Journal)
  16. Hay for Cheese? Barter Booms in Cash-Squeezed Rural Greece (Reuters)
  17. Bank of England Creates Capital Buffer for Banks to Absorb Losses (Reuters)
  18. As China’s Stock Market Boils, Yuan Will Stay Cool (Wall Street Journal)
  19. Lew Warns of Puerto Rico Debt Risks to US (Financial Times)
  20. Lagarde Signals IMF Board Will Back Latest Ukraine Bailout Tranche (Wall Street Journal)
  21. Federal Reserve Leaves Option Open on Timing of 1st Interest Rate Hike (MarketWatch)
  22. Fed Is Not Just Behind the Curve, It’s Driving the Bus Over the Cliff (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
  23. China Impacts Fed Decision Very Little: Former Fed Vice Chairman (CNBC) (VIDEO)