Daily Money & Banking News Update: 03/31/2016

  1. Bank of Japan’s Kuroda Says No Limit to Monetary Easing (MarketWatch)
  2. Can Banks Fend Off the Threat From Fintech Before It’s Too Late? (MarketWatch)
  3. Fed Caution Due to Fears of Japan-Style Malaise, Evans Says (MarketWatch)
  4. ECB Could Give 1,300 Euros to Bloc’s Citizens, Nordea Says (Reuters)
  5. Fed’s Lockhart Sees Scope for Three Interest Rate Hikes This Year (MarketWatch)
  6. Swiss National Bank Has Room to Cut Deposit Rates Further: Board Member (Reuters)
  7. CBRC Tells Local Branches to Set Up ‘Creditor Committees’ at Some Firms (Caixin Online)
  8. M&A Bubble?: Chinese Seal Nearly One-Sixth of M&A Deals (Financial Times)
  9. Chicago Fed’s Evans Goes From Hawkish To Dovish And Back To Hawkish Again In Under 2 Weeks
  10. US Consumers Whipping Out the Credit Cards Again (CNBC)
  11. China Central Bank Discloses Derivatives Holdings Positions for First Time (Reuters)
  12. Fed’s Evans Nods at Possible June Rate Hike (Reuters)
  13. GE Capital Asks U.S. Government to Lift ‘Too Big To Fail’ Designation (Reuters)
  14. The Role of the Federal Reserve—Lessons from Financial Crises: Speech by President William Dudley (New York Fed)
  15. China’s Xi Urges That US, China Strengthen Macroeconomic Policies (Reuters)
  16. Dudley Says Agrees with Yellen’s Cautious Approach on Rate Rises (Reuters)
  17. Dudley Get Political and Opposes Rash Changes to Fed (Reuters)
  18. China’s Xi Says No to Currency Devaluations to Boost Exports (Reuters)