Daily Money & Banking News Update: 03/18/2016

  1. Federal Reserve System Releases 2015 Financial Statements (Federal Reserve Board)
  2. JPMorgan Increases Stock Buyback Program By Up To $1.88 Billion (CNBC)
  3. Bank of America’s Board Authorizes Repurchase of Up To $800 Million Common Stock (CNBC)
  4. Dovish Fed Prompts $3 Billion Inflows to Emerging Markets (MarketWatch)
  5. Did Central Bankers Make a Secret Deal to Drive Markets? This Rumor Says Yes (MarketWatch)
  6. Fed’s Dudley Nods to Challenges in Averting Another Financial Crisis (Wall Street Journal)
  7. Opening Remarks by President William Dudley (New York Fed)
  8. The Fed’s Decision Was a Historically Large Surprise, Goldman Analysts Find (MarketWatch)
  9. Rosengren Connects Bank Regulation and Supervision to the Real Economy and Public Well-Being (Boston Fed)
  10. Did Dodd-Frank Increase Bank Capital? (Alt-M)
  11. Japan Debates Regulating Bitcoin as Currency; Banks Eager to Study Blockchain (Bitcoin Magazine)
  12. What Tools Does the Fed Have Left? Part 1: Negative Interest Rates (Ben Bernanke’s Blog)
  13. David Stockman: Federal Reserve Is Completely Lost (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
  14. Postal Banking Didn’t Work in 1910 – And It Won’t Now (Mercatus Center)
  15. Fed’s Rosengren: Proactive Supervision Makes US Banks Resilient (Reuters)
  16. Bitcoin Finds Room in Small Funds; Large Institutions Still on Sidelines (Reuters)
  17. Fitch Says Global Banks’ Latin American Exit to Continue (Reuters)
  18. FBI Probes Bangladesh Bank Account Cyber Theft (Reuters)
  19. Fed Bank Supervisors Can Curb But Not Eliminate Failures: Dudley (Reuters)
  20. This Firm Is Hoarding Gold and Cash Due to Negative Rates (CNBC)
  21. How the ECB Wants to Help Risky Bank Bonds (Wall Street Journal)
  22. Bank of Japan Plan Runs Into a Wall (Wall Street Journal)
  23. Greek Banks Admit to Charging Customers to Exchange Big Bills for Smaller Ones (Zerohedge)
  24. Fed’s Retirement Fund Makes First Foray Into Real Estate, Private Equity (MarketWatch)
  25. Bullard Says Fed’s Goals Largely Met, Rates Should Edge Up (Reuters)
  26. Fed’s Bullard: Low Rates May Be Causing Low Inflation (CNBC)
  27. Bernanke: Monetary Policy “Reaching Its Limits” (CNBC)