Daily Money & Banking News Update: 03/17/2016

  1. Cheap ECB Cash May Not Boost Corporate Borrowing – HeidelbergCement (Reuters)
  2. Bangladesh Police Launch Heist Probe; Manila Banker Took Away Cash in Car (Reuters)
  3. Norway Cuts Key Rate to 0.5%, Flags Further Cuts (CNBC)
  4. Would Bank of England Support Sterling in a Brexit? (CNBC)
  5. Negative Rates and Japan’s Pension Crunch (Wall Street Journal)
  6. Draghi Says ECB Rates to Remain Low or Lower (Reuters)
  7. Bank of England Keeps Rates Steady, Says Sterling Hit by EU Vote (Reuters)
  8. Impaled on Its Own Petard – The Fed’s Folly Festers Further (Mises Institute)
  9. The Schizophrenic Market: Why Trump, Sanders May Loom Over the Fed (CNBC)
  10. Gold Prices Surge on Fed Caution (Fox Business)
  11. The ECB and John Law (GoldMoney)
  12. Yellen Steers Fed with Cautious Hand, Despite Hints of Inflation (Reuters)
  13. Negative ECB Rates Fuel Demand for Safe Deposit Boxes, German Banks Say (Reuters)
  14. Negative Rates Mean Sweden Risks Housing Bubble: Moody’s (CNBC)
  15. Bank of Japan Checking Yen’s Rate Against the Dollar (Wall Street Journal)
  16. Here’s What Doesn’t Add Up in the Fed’s New Forecast (MarketWatch)
  17. Global Risks Weigh on the Fed (Financial Times)
  18. Brazil’s Former Central Bank Chief Warns of Soaring Public Debt (Reuters)
  19. BOJ Asking Market Players About Causes of Dollar/Yen Moves: Source (Reuters)
  20. Market’s Message to the Fed: We Don’t Believe You (CNBC)
  21. China’s Yuan Could Be at a Pivotal Point (CNBC)
  22. Foreign Regimes Dumping US Debt – Will the Fed Just Monetize the Debt Instead? (Mises Institute)
  23. Hedge Fund Closures Return to Crisis Highs (Financial Times)
  24. China Strengthens Yuan with Largest Increase Since November (MarketWatch)
  25. Draghi Tells EU Leaders He Can’t Fix the Economy On His Own (Reuters)
  26. BOJ Debated QQE Expansion Aside From Negative Rate in January – Minutes (Reuters)
  27. Philippine Central Bank Sees Risk From Bangladesh Heist Scandal (Reuters)
  28. BOJ Minutes Reveal Negative Interest Rate Policy Decision (CNBC)
  29. EU Banks May Rebound on Central Bank Move (CNBC)
  30. Global Currencies Soar, Defying Central Bankers (Wall Street Journal)
  31. Former Chicago Fed Analyst Pleads Guilty to Stealing Fed Secrets (Wall Street Journal)
  32. From the Fed to the Philippines: Bangladesh’s Stolen Money Trail (Wall Street Journal)