Daily Money & Banking News Update: 03/10/2016

  1. ECB Pulls Out All the Stops, Cuts Rates and Expands QE (CNBC)
  2. Former Fed Governor Lindsey: ECB Stimulus Not Working (Fox Business)
  3. Are Central Banks Becoming Agents of Volatility? (Wall Street Journal)
  4. Trump Calls Global Currency Devaluations “Dangerous” for US (Reuters)
  5. Negative Rates Dig a Hole for Bank of Japan (Wall Street Journal)
  6. How a Hacker’s Typo Helped Stop a Billion Dollar Bank Heist (Reuters)
  7. Why Banks Are Adopting the Blockchain (Cointelegraph)
  8. China Proposes Unprecedented Nationalization of Insolvent Companies: Banks Will Equitize Non-Performing Loans (Zerohedge)
  9. Draghi Delivers the Bazooka: ECB Announces Surprise Refi, Marginal Rate Cuts; Boosts QE to €80 Billion, Adds IG Bonds (Zerohedge)
  10. Does the ECB’s Mario Draghi Have No Clothes? (American Enterprise Institute)
  11. The ECB’s Latest Negative for Europe’s Insurers (Wall Street Journal)
  12. Five Takeaways From the ECB Meeting (Wall Street Journal)
  13. ECB Could Pay Banks to Borrow From It Under New Scheme (Reuters)
  14. ECB Pulls Out All Stops with Rate Cuts, Stimulus Boost (Reuters)
  15. Second-Round Inflation Fears Prompted ECB Action – Draghi (Reuters)
  16. Citi’s Buiter: Central Banks Operating with “Pea Shooter” (CNBC)
  17. The European Central Bank Finally Throws In the Kitchen Sink (Mises Institute)
  18. The Incredible Story of How Hackers Stole $100 Million From the New York Fed (Zerohedge)
  19. German Bank That Almost Failed Now Being Paid to Borrow Money (Zerohedge)
  20. Typo Trips the Alarm in $101 Million Cyber Bank Heist (Financial Times)
  21. ECB Flexes Muscles to Silence the Doubters (Financial Times)
  22. ECB Pays Banks to Take Its Money (Reuters)
  23. China Central Bank Sets Yuan Midpoint at Strongest Level in 2016 (Reuters)
  24. Negative Rates, Fat Margins: Japan Regional Banks Ramp Up Car, Holiday Loans (Reuters)
  25. Why the ECB’s Big Guns Can’t Win This War (Wall Street Journal)
  26. For Europe’s Banks, Stimulus Brings Little Relief (Wall Street Journal)