Daily Money & Banking News Update: 03/03/2016

  1. New Hampshire Rejects Proposal to Accept Tax in Bitcoin (Cointelegraph)
  2. Global Central Banks Continue Longest Gold Buying Spree Since Vietnam War (Zerohedge)
  3. Era of Zero, Negative Interest Rates Could Last for Years: Barclays (Reuters)
  4. I See Bubbles Bursting Everywhere: Top Academic (CNBC)
  5. Are We Heading Toward Another Housing Bubble? (Wall Street Journal)
  6. The New Cash Hoarders (Wall Street Journal)
  7. Bank of England Official: Digital Currencies Could Impair Bank Lending (CoinDesk)
  8. Fed’s Kaplan: Downside Risk for Global Growth; Oil Won’t Be Balanced Until 2017 (CNBC)
  9. Striking Admission by Former Bank of England Head: The European Depression Was a “Deliberate” Act (Zerohedge)
  10. Discussion of Economic Conditions and Implications for Monetary Policy: Speech by President Robert Kaplan (Dallas Fed)
  11. Senior Fed Policymaker Bullish on US Economy and Inflation Target (Financial Times)
  12. Oil Patch Weakness Could Lead to a Liquidity Crisis, Dallas Fed Chief Says (MarketWatch)
  13. IMF Sees “Good Progress” on Greek Debt, Targets Unchanged (Reuters)
  14. Forever Blowing Bubbles, Chinese Investors Pump Shanghai Property (Reuters)
  15. Poland Says Several Small Banks to Fail in 2016, No Disruption to System: PAP (Reuters)
  16. Eurozone Banks Body Sees Harmonized “Bail In” Rules (Reuters)
  17. Negative Rates and Insurers: Be Afraid (Wall Street Journal)
  18. Bank of Japan’s Kuroda Says No More Rate Cuts Planned (MarketWatch)