Daily Money & Banking News Update: 02/29/2016

  1. Texas Manufacturing Activity Contracts Again in February, Says Dallas Fed Survey (Dallas Fed)
  2. Chicago PMI Signals Contraction of Factory Activity in February (MarketWatch)
  3. Bank of Japan’s Kuroda Again Grilled Over Negative Rates (MarketWatch)
  4. Ex-Bank of England Boss Calls for Urgent Reform of Monetary and Banking System (MercoPress)
  5. The G20 Puts Spotlight on Central Banks (CNBC)
  6. Fed’s Dudley Sees Downside Risks to Growth and Inflation Outlook (MarketWatch)
  7. Negative Rates, Negative Outcomes (Mises Institute)
  8. “We Are In A Recession”: Dallas Fed Respondents Admit the US Economy Is in Freefall (Zerohedge)
  9. BOJ Governor Says Interest Rates Could Be Lowered “If Necessary” (Caixin Online)
  10. China Injects Cash to Boost Growth and Counter Capital Outflows (Financial Times)
  11. Should We Ban the $100 Bill? (Marginal Revolution)
  12. An Old Fear Returns as New Mortgage Market Players Rise (MarketWatch)
  13. German 9-Year Yields Turn Negative as Eurozone Deflation Returns (Reuters)
  14. China Central Bank Cuts Reserve Requirement by 0.5 Percentage Points (CNBC)
  15. Eurozone Inflation Falls Into Negative Territory (CNBC)
  16. Another Financial Crisis Is Imminent: Ex-BOE Gov (CNBC)
  17. How China’s Big Lending Push Comes Up Short (Wall Street Journal)
  18. China Frees Banks to Boost Lending, in Shift on Yuan Stance (Wall Street Journal)
  19. Debate Continues on How Fed Should Give Interest Rate Guidance (Wall Street Journal)
  20. The US Economic Outlook and Implications for Monetary Policy: Speech by President William Dudley (New York Fed)
  21. Rules of Engagement: Speech by President John Williams (San Francisco Fed)
  22. February US Mint American Eagle Gold Coin Sales Quadruple Year Over Year (Reuters)
  23. Fed’s Dudley Sees Risks to US Economic Outlook Tilting to Downside (Reuters)
  24. China Central Bank Resumes Easing Cycle to Cushion Reform Plan (Reuters)
  25. Fed Rate U-Turn? Not Likely, Analysis Shows (CNBC)