Daily Money & Banking News Update: 02/26/2016

  1. Powell: Fed’s Data-Driven Approach to Rates Likely Means Surprises (CNBC)
  2. The Little-Known QE Zero by Foreign Central Banks (MarketWatch)
  3. Clashes Over Policy at Shanghai G20 Meeting (Financial Times)
  4. Treasury Secretary Lew: Countries Should Use All Levers to Support Economy (Fox Business)
  5. Tightening Financial Conditions Are Equal to Three Rate Hikes, Fed’s Brainard Says (MarketWatch)
  6. Fed’s Williams: Like Sledgehammer, Forward Guidance Is Effective (Reuters)
  7. Discussion of “Language After Liftoff: Communication Away From the Zero Lower Bound” by Governor Jerome Powell (Federal Reserve Board)
  8. What Happened to the Great Divergence?: Speech by Governor Lael Brainard (Federal Reserve Board)
  9. Why the Great Firewall of China Is Causing Serious Issues for Bitcoin Miners (Bitcoin Magazine)
  10. The Escalating War on Cash – A Threat to Civil Order (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
  11. Global Banks Sunk by Low Rate Climate (Financial Times)
  12. China Admits to Renminbi Image Problem (Financial Times)
  13. How the Fed Can Talk More Clearly So the Market Will Listen (MarketWatch)
  14. Former Fed Official Says Central Bank Should Pay Less Attention to Bond Market (MarketWatch)
  15. Fed’s Brainard Flags Low Rate Future, Sees Room for More Global Coordination (Reuters)
  16. Time-Based Guidance a Hint of FOMC’s View: Fed’s Fischer (Reuters)
  17. Italy’s Small Banks Frozen Out of Bad Loan Scheme (Reuters)
  18. Big US Banks Defeat Claims Over Toxic Mortgages, Failed Credit Unions (Reuters)
  19. Japan’s Aso: Want to Reaffirm G20 Commitment Against Currency Devaluation Race (Reuters)
  20. Currency Wars Coming in Leaderless World: Citi’s Buiter (CNBC)
  21. Belgium Charges UBS with Money Laundering, Tax Fraud (CNBC)
  22. Deutsche Bank: It’s Time to Buy Gold (CNBC)
  23. Italian Central Bank Governor Slams Schäuble Global View (CNBC)
  24. Bernie Sanders Criticizes the Fed for the Wrong Reasons (Mises Institute)
  25. Apple Pay Is Crushing Samsung Pay (Fox Business)
  26. Venezuela Sends Gold to Switzerland to Pay Debt as Reserves Dwindle (PanAm Post)
  27. Venezuela in Advanced Talks for $5 Billion Loan – Central Bank President (Reuters)
  28. G20 to Say World Needs to Look Beyond Ultra-Easy Policy for Growth (Reuters)
  29. Mishkin: The One Thing the Fed Needs to Change (CNBC)