Daily Money & Banking News Update: 02/22/2016

  1. Exposing the Charade That Is Fed Policy “Normalization” (Cato Institute)
  2. Japanese Parliament Attacks Kuroda’s Sub-Zero Interest Policy (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
  3. Why Kashkari’s Crackdown on Big Banks Is Dangerous (CNBC)
  4. US Will Urge Greater Fiscal Spending at G20 – Treasury Official (Reuters)
  5. Small German Banks Should Adapt to Low Interest Rates, ECB Says (Reuters)
  6. Eliminating Cash Will Also Eliminate Checks and Balances on Banking Policy and Practice (GoldMoney)
  7. Financial Regulators Do Not Need a Nuclear Football (Forbes)
  8. Thirteen Things Bernanke Believes – That I Don’t (Sound Money Project)
  9. Chinese Banks to Pay Much Smaller Fees to Apple Pay Than US Counterparts (Caixin Online)
  10. With Apple Pay, Mobile Payment Arena Gets More Crowded (Caixin Online)
  11. The Glass-Steagall Rorschach Test (Cato Institute)
  12. Greek Attempt to Force Use of Electronic Money Instead of Physical Cash Fails (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
  13. Sterling Slides as Big Backers Boost Brexit Campaign (Reuters)
  14. Fed Official Touts “Excellent” Control Over Interest Rates (MarketWatch)
  15. Visa Wants Your Car to Become Your New Credit Card (CNBC)
  16. Bank of America’s Newest Mortgage: 3% Down and No FHA (Wall Street Journal)
  17. Brexit: How It’s Roiling Currency Markets (Wall Street Journal)
  18. Japanese Seeking a Place to Stash Cash Start Snapping Up Safes (Wall Street Journal)
  19. Banks Run by Women Might Be Less Vulnerable in a Crisis (Wall Street Journal)
  20. California Bankruptcy Judge Says Bitcoin Is Property, Not Currency (CoinDesk)
  21. What the Shrinking Amount of Mortgage Debt Tells Us About the Housing Market (MarketWatch)
  22. US Bank Lobbyists Blast “Excessive” Capital Requirement Rules (Financial Times)
  23. Fed Says Rate Rise Maneuver Was Smooth (Financial Times)
  24. Fed Official Warns on Rush to “Government-Only” US Money Funds (Reuters)
  25. Foreign Central Banks Dump Cash at US Federal Reserve (Reuters)
  26. ECB Ready to Do More, Board Member Liikanen Says (CNBC)
  27. G20 Likely to Reiterate Currency Commitments, Treasury Official Says (Wall Street Journal)
  28. Banks Wrestle with “Brexit” Risk (Wall Street Journal)