Daily Money & Banking News Update: 02/18/2016

  1. Chart of the Day: Negative Interest Rates on 40% of European Government Bonds (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
  2. ECB on Course to Take More Aggressive Action on Monetary Easing (Financial Times)
  3. Fed’s Next Move Much More Likely a Rate Hike Than a Cut: Survey (Reuters)
  4. Trying to Guess the Next Fed Move? Good Luck (CNBC)
  5. Bank of Japan’s New Conundrum on Negative Rates: Negative Reaction (Wall Street Journal)
  6. Now They’re After Your Cash (Wall Street Journal)
  7. Mizuho Chief: Studying European Cases of Fees Charged on Big Deposits (Reuters)
  8. Bank of Japan’s Kuroda Defends Negative Rates, Says Not Aimed at Weakening Yen (Reuters)
  9. Bridgewater’s Dalio: “Helicopter Money” Might Help US Economy (Reuters)
  10. Video of Neel Kashkari’s Remarks on Big Banks (Brookings Institution)
  11. Signup Glitches Have Apple Pay Off to Sour Start in China (Caixin Online)
  12. Negative Interest Rates Are a Dangerous Experiment (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
  13. New York Fed Warns Asset Managers Are Vulnerable to “Runs” (Financial Times)
  14. Wall Street Bankers Warn of Brexit “Havoc” (Wall Street Journal)
  15. Goodbye Capital Preservation, Hello Damage Limitation, Money Funds Say (Reuters)
  16. House Flipping: Deja Vu All Over Again (CNBC)
  17. ECB Fears “Second Round” Hit to Eurozone Economy (CNBC)
  18. Negative-Rates Fallout Makes ECB’s Task Harder (Wall Street Journal)
  19. China’s Foreign Exchange Reserves Dwindling Rapidly (New York Times)
  20. Swiss Politicians Slam Attempts to Eliminate Cash, Compare Paper Money to a Gun Defending Freedom (Zerohedge)
  21. Fed’s Williams: Economy Looks Good on Outlook Despite Market Turmoil (MarketWatch)
  22. Big Banks See the Need to Shrink – But Face a Path Full of Obstacles (Reuters)
  23. Fed’s Williams Sees Gradual US Rate Hike Path as “Best Course” (Reuters)
  24. China’s Central Bank to Inject $1.53 Billion in Cash (CNBC)
  25. GM’s Finance Arm Runs Online Bank (Wall Street Journal)