Daily Money & Banking News Update: 02/17/2016

  1. China’s Central Bank Injects Another 10 Billion Yuan Into System (MarketWatch)
  2. Iranian Banks Reconnected to SWIFT Network After Four-Year Hiatus (Reuters)
  3. Fed’s Kashkari Says Need to Keep Accommodative Monetary Policy: Bloomberg (Reuters)
  4. Small Businesses Still Fighting for Cash Seized by IRS (CNBC)
  5. Fed Officials, at Meeting, Found Economic Outlook Cloudy (New York Times)
  6. Minutes of January 26-27 FOMC Meeting (Federal Reserve Board)
  7. Here’s Why Speculation That China Is Mass-Selling US Treasurys Could Be True (MarketWatch)
  8. Fed’s Bullard Speaks Against Further Interest Rate Hikes (MarketWatch)
  9. The Political War on Cash (Wall Street Journal)
  10. European Central Bank Exploring Blockchain Tech Applications (CoinDesk)
  11. Fed’s Kashkari: We’re In a “Pickle” Over Rates (CNBC)
  12. European Commission Plans Crackdown on Bitcoin: New Regulations by June (Bitcoin Magazine)
  13. Unreal Interest Rates Will Not Create Real Demand (Brookings Institution)
  14. As Marijuana Sales Grow, Startups Step In for Wary Banks (CNBC)
  15. How Slightly Negative Rates Can Tear Into Bank Profits (Wall Street Journal)
  16. Japan Economy Minister: Need More Data to Measure Impact of Negative Rates (Reuters)
  17. Egypt’s Central Bank Cracks Down on Exchange Bureaus as Black Market Surges (Reuters)
  18. Fed’s Kashkari: To Have “Actionable Plan” for Breaking Up Big Banks by Year’s End (Wall Street Journal)
  19. As “Plan A” Fails, This Is What the Fed’s “Plan B” Would Look Like (Zerohedge)
  20. Fed Eyes Increased Risks for US Economy (Financial Times)
  21. Fed Policymakers Discussed Changing Interest Rate Path: Minutes (Reuters)
  22. Fed Minutes Lay Bare a Split on US Economic Outlook, Interest Rate Path (Wall Street Journal)
  23. Fed Reluctant to Pull Rate-Hike Trigger a Second Time, Economists Says (MarketWatch)
  24. Fed Likely on Hold for Awhile: McTeer (CNBC) (VIDEO)
  25. Does China Matter That Much to the Fed? (CNBC) (VIDEO)
  26. Politics Nothing to Do with Curbing Big Banks: Fed’s Kashkari (Reuters)
  27. Break Up the Big Banks? Do This First (Wall Street Journal)
  28. Venezuela Devalues Currency by 37% as Maduro Announces 62-Fold Increase in Gasoline Prices (Zerohedge)
  29. Apple Pay Takes on China’s Internet Kings in Mobile Payments (Reuters)
  30. Fed’s Kashkari: 25% Capital Requirement May Be Right for Banks (Wall Street Journal)
  31. A New Worry for Bank Investors: Bail-In Risk (Wall Street Journal)