Daily Money & Banking News Update: 02/10/2016

  1. Yellen: Conditions Less Supportive of Growth; Reiterates Rate Path Is Data Dependent (CNBC)
  2. Ukraine Risks Losing IMF Cash Over Stalled Reforms – Lagarde (Reuters)
  3. Why Talk of Negative Fed Rates Has Everyone Worried (CNBC)
  4. Do European Banks Have a Safety Net? (CNBC)
  5. Yellen Says Fed Isn’t Sure Whether It’s Legal to Adopt Negative Rates (MarketWatch)
  6. Jim Grant: We’re Already in a Recession (CNBC)
  7. Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to Congress (Federal Reserve Board)
  8. The Lender of Last Resort Function in the United States: Speech by Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer (Federal Reserve Board)
  9. Abe Defends Bank of Japan Chief Over Negative Rates (MarketWatch)
  10. Fed Reveals Which “Developments to Financial Stability” It Is Most Worried About (Zerohedge)
  11. Greek Central Bank Chief Says Delay in Bailout Review Threatens Recovery (Reuters)
  12. ECB’s Stournaras Says Draghi Enjoys Strong Support on Council (Reuters)
  13. Fed’s Fischer Worried by Emergency Credit Reporting Rules (Reuters)
  14. In an Uncertain World, Bank of England “Agents” Keep Carney Informed (Reuters)
  15. Fed Must Capitulate or the Bear Will Be Brutal: Schiff (CNBC)
  16. Bitcoin Classic Publishes Code That Could Double Bitcoin’s Block Size (CoinDesk)
  17. European Banks Face Prolonged Energy Exposure (CNBC)
  18. The Danger of Negative Interest Rates (CNBC)
  19. To Stave Off Currency War, Is It Time for a Coordinated Response to the Chinese Yuan? (MarketWatch)
  20. Janet Yellen Strikes Downbeat Tone on Economy, Claims Fed Won’t Go Negative (Mises Institute)
  21. Bond Market, Yellen Face Off on Negative Interest Rates (MarketWatch)
  22. How Low Can Negative Interest Rates Go? Try Negative 4.5% (Wall Street Journal)
  23. MetLife Challenges US “Too Big To Fail” Designation in Court (Reuters)
  24. Italian Government Approves Decree Aimed at Helping Battered Banking Sector (Reuters)
  25. Hong Kong Treasury’s Chan Says Not Worried About Attacks on Dollar Peg (Reuters)
  26. Yellen Draws Fire for Fed Policy to Pay Banks (Reuters)
  27. Yellen – Fed Not Likely to Reverse Course on Rates Despite Risks (Reuters)
  28. Bass: China Banks May Lose Five Times US Banks’ Subprime Losses in Credit Crisis (CNBC)
  29. Indian Banks’ Bad Loans Worry Investors (Wall Street Journal)
  30. How Japan’s “Abenomics” Reached an Impasse (Wall Street Journal)
  31. Fed Nods to Negative Rates, Hurdles and All (Wall Street Journal)