Daily Money & Banking News Update: 02/03/2016

  1. Fed’s Dudley Warns Conditions Are Tightening (CNBC)
  2. China 2015 Gold Output Dips 0.4%, Consumption Rises (Reuters)
  3. Bill Gross Warns Global Markets, Economies Increasingly Addled, Distorted (Reuters)
  4. German Political Party Calls for “Cash Controls” (Economic Policy Journal)
  5. Man Who Made Billions on Housing Crisis Is Betting Against China’s Yuan (MarketWatch)
  6. Fed’s Brainard Makes Case for “Watchful Waiting” (Wall Street Journal)
  7. Can Money-Market Mutual Funds Reliably Avoid the Problem of Runs? (Alt-M)
  8. Wells Fargo to Pay $1.2 Billion Over Loans Case (Financial Times)
  9. Dudley Flags Tight Conditions Ahead of Fed Meeting (Financial Times)
  10. Treasury to “Modestly Reduce” Size of Notes, Bond Auctions (Fox Business)
  11. US Treasury’s Lew Urges China to Clearly Communicate Foreign Exchange Policy (Reuters)
  12. US Presses Retail Banks to Help Millions of “Unbanked” Americans (Reuters)
  13. The Surprising New Case for Gold (CNBC)
  14. Japan’s Benchmark 10-Year Bond Flirts With Negative Yields (CNBC)
  15. European Banks Near “Terrifying” Crisis: Raoul Pal (CNBC)
  16. Commonwealth Pushes Member Countries to Declare Bitcoin Legal (CoinDesk)
  17. Bank of England to Head Back to the Sidelines as Global Growth Slows (Reuters)
  18. Bank of Japan to Limit Negative Interest Rate’s Scope to 30 Trillion Yen – Nikkei (Reuters)
  19. Kyle Bass: Chinese Banks Months Away From “Danger Territory” (CNBC)
  20. Venezuela to Overhaul Currency Controls Soon, Minister Says (Wall Street Journal)
  21. Investors Cast Wary Eye on Fed Rate Increases (Wall Street Journal)