Daily Money & Banking News Update: 01/20/2016

  1. People’s Bank of China Plans to Launch Its Own Digital Currency (Cointelegraph)
  2. Traders Pricing in Only One Fed Rate Hike in 2016 (CNBC)
  3. Bankers Say End of Loose Monetary Policy Era Has Fueled Volatility (Reuters)
  4. Saudi Arabia Moves to Protect Currency Peg (MarketWatch)
  5. Former Chief Economist of BIS: World Faces Wave of Epic Defaults, Central Banks Out of Ammo (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
  6. PBOC Does 400 Billion Yuan Reverse Repos, Injects 315 Billion Yuan for Week (CNBC)
  7. PBOC Said to Tell Banks to Limit Multinationals’ Yuan Outflows (Caixin Online)
  8. Russia’s Ruble Falls to Record Low Amid Oil Price Plunge (Financial Times)
  9. Capital Flight From China Worse Than Thought (Financial Times)
  10. Five Questions About the ECB’s Thursday Meeting (Wall Street Journal)
  11. Banking Problems, Growth Worries Hit Southern European Bonds (Reuters)
  12. India Central Bank Chief Says Global Monetary Easing Has Run Its Course (Reuters)
  13. US Banking Regulator Says Debt Rule for Big Banks Could Lead to Instability (Reuters)
  14. Stock Market Rout: Where’s the Fed? (Wall Street Journal)
  15. ECB Finds Global Market Turmoil Blunting QE Weapon (Wall Street Journal)
  16. The World’s Most Famous Case of Hyperinflation (Economic Policy Journal)
  17. PBOC Injects Massive $60 Billion Liquidity – Most in Three Years; China Stock, Yuan Drop (Zerohedge)
  18. No More Quantitative Easing, Please (American Enterprise Institute)
  19. ECB to Highlight Growing Inflation, Economic Risks (Reuters)