Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/24/2017

  1. Bullard Discusses Monetary Policy, New Fiscal Policy, Fed Balance Sheet During Memphis-Area Tour (St. Louis Fed)
  2. Haruhiko Kuroda: “Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing With Yield Curve Control” – After Half a Year Since Its Introduction (Bank for International Settlements)
  3. Fed’s Bullard Says He’s Okay With Another Rate Hike This Year (CNBC)
  4. Why the Fed Paid Banks Not to Lend (MarketWatch)
  5. Fed’s Dudley: We Want to Make Monetary Policy “Less Accommodative” (CNBC)
  6. BOJ Chief Kuroda Says “No Reason” to Withdraw Stimulus Now (Reuters)
  7. Why China’s Latest Cash Crunch Is Scarier This Time (Wall Street Journal)
  8. The Average Credit Union Overdraft Fee Has Almost Doubled Since 2000 (MarketWatch)
  9. Shadow Bank Crackdown Prompts China Cash Crunch (Financial Times)
  10. Fed’s Williams Says Goal Is to Get Inflation “Back to 2% and Keep It There” (MarketWatch)
  11. Republicans to Launch Effort to Reform Fed (MarketWatch)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/23/2017

  1. Welcoming Remarks by Chairman Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve Board)
  2. Banks and Tech Firms Battle Over Something Akin to Gold: Your Data (CNBC)
  3. Transforming Education: Speech by President Neel Kashkari (Minneapolis Fed)
  4. Fed’s Yellen Does Not Comment on Monetary Policy (Reuters)
  5. French Financial Markets Watchdog Wants Special Access Rules for UK (Reuters)
  6. Eurozone Banks Are Still Not Profitable Enough: Brexit Is a “Major Risk,” ECB Warns (CNBC)
  7. Giant “Bad Bank” Won’t Solve Europe’s Problems (Wall Street Journal)
  8. Fed Could Allow Higher Inflation as Interest Rates Remain Low, Papers Suggest (Wall Street Journal)
  9. Fed’s Williams Expects More Interest Rate Increases in 2017 (Wall Street Journal) (VIDEO)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/22/2017

  1. New Money Fund Regulations Make Runs Less Likely, Says New York Fed (MarketWatch)
  2. G20 Report: Blockchain “Holds Key” to “Inclusive Global Economy” (Cointelegraph)
  3. Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Demand Users to Explain Sources of Funds (Cointelegraph)
  4. US Gets Dedicated IRS-Friendly Crypto Reporting Software (Cointelegraph)
  5. $33 Trillion Sees China Become World’s Largest Banking System, Surpasses EU (Cointelegraph)
  6. Fed’s Kaplan Sees Three Rate Hikes in 2017, No Rush on Balance Sheet (CNBC)
  7. Hot US Real Estate a Potential Red Flag: Fed’s Rosengren (CNBC)
  8. Clearly No Time for ECB to Stop Easy Monetary Policy: Villeroy (Reuters)
  9. Behind the Scenes, Bank Lobbyists Temper Expectations for Dodd-Frank Overhaul (Reuters)
  10. Boom in Drug Dealer Digital Currency Use Sparks Worries Among US Officials (CoinDesk)
  11. Cleveland Fed President Says She Supports Reducing the Balance Sheet (CNBC)
  12. It’s Time to Dump Most Central Banks (Cato Institute)
  13. US Building Case Linking North Korea to $81 Million Robbery From NY Fed (MarketWatch)
  14. Wells Fargo Introduces Cardless ATMs Across US in Digital Push (Reuters)
  15. Italy to Test EU Rules Again With Veneto Banks Bailout (Reuters)
  16. ING Faces Money Laundering and Corruption Probe (CNBC)
  17. Criticism Grows Over Comments by Eurozone Chief (Wall Street Journal)
  18. For China’s Central Bank, an Increasingly Difficult Balancing Act (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/21/2017

  1. Reforming Culture for the Long Term: Speech by President William Dudley (New York Fed)
  2. Panel Remarks by President William Dudley at Worthy of Trust? Law, Ethics and Culture in Banking (New York Fed)
  3. Fed’s Dudley, Citing Wells, Calls for Better Bank Incentives (CNBC)
  4. Goldman Sachs Confirms London Jobs Will Move to Europe in First Stage of Brexit Reshuffle (CNBC)
  5. BOE Rate Hike in May? Soaring UK Inflation Will Bring Out the Hawks, Analysts Say (MarketWatch)
  6. The Stench Inside the Fed (Mises Institute)
  7. Rockefeller, Morgan, and War (Mises Institute)
  8. The Fed’s Half-Hearted Attempt at Monetary Tightening (Mises Institute)
  9. “Audit the ECB”? – German Officials Call for Greater Oversight of Central Bank (Zerohedge)
  10. UK Inflation Shoots Past Bank of England Target in February, Jumps 2.3% (CNBC)
  11. Wells Fargo Chided by Fed’s Dudley Over Fake Accounts Scandal (MarketWatch)
  12. US Banks Bosses Warn on London Jobs as Brexit Approaches (Financial Times)
  13. Frankfurt Takes Early Lead in Brexit Race to Poach City Jobs (Financial Times)
  14. China Steps Up Battle Against Property Bubble (Financial Times)
  15. BOJ January Minutes: Members Pushed Back Against Rate Hike Idea (CNBC)
  16. Greek Police Intercept Eight Suspect Packages That Targeted Bailout Creditors (CNBC)
  17. What It Takes for Banks to Nab a Criminal (Wall Street Journal)
  18. Boston Fed President Assesses the Role of Real Estate Values in Financial Stability (Boston Fed)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/20/2017

  1. EU’s Flawed Claim to a Global Financial Hub (Financial Times)
  2. Europe Faces Unfinished Business on the Euro (Financial Times)
  3. Price of Bitcoin Plummets Over Threat That Virtual Currency Will Split (MarketWatch)
  4. The Fed’s Stealthy QE – $267 Billion of Fresh Liquidity Injected Since Mid-January (CNBC)
  5. Fed on Track to Raise US Rates Twice More This Year: Evans (Reuters)
  6. Lone Fed Hike Dissenter Neel Kashkari: We Shouldn’t Fix What’s Not Broken (CNBC)
  7. Fed’s Harker: “Prudent” to Raise Rates (CNBC) (VIDEO)
  8. Australia’s Central Bank Warns of Growing Risks in Housing (CNBC)
  9. Small Swiss Bank Gambles, and Wins, by Charging for Deposits (Wall Street Journal)

Weekend Money & Banking News Update: 3/18-3/19/2017

  1. Venezuelans Rely on Bitcoin to Survive, Disregard Fiat Completely (Cointelegraph)
  2. China Boasts the “Best” Relationship With Trump’s US, Says Former PBOC Member (CNBC)
  3. Record-Breaking 2017 for ETFs Fuels Fears of Stock Market Bubble (Financial Times)
  4. Markets Welcome G20’s FX Stance, Wary on Trade Split (CNBC)
  5. London Calling: Ex-Rocker Leads Capital’s Financiers Into Brexit Battle (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/17/2017

  1. IMF Under Pressure in Washington Over Greek Bailout (Financial Times)
  2. Global Financiers Line Up to Engage With Le Pen (Financial Times)
  3. Eurogroup Chief Becomes High-Profile Casualty of Dutch Elections (Financial Times)
  4. Fed Eases Bank Merger Rules by Lifting Size Threshold for Review (CNBC)
  5. Fed’s Kashkari Explains Rate Dissent – Wants Plan on Balance Sheet Before Any More Hikes (CNBC)
  6. Bank of England Chief Warns Against Giving Into “Fatigue” for Post-Crisis Reforms (MarketWatch)
  7. Bitcoin Traders Report Some Bank Accounts Still Being Terminated (Bitcoin Magazine)
  8. Yellen’s Balance Sheet Baloney (Cato Institute)
  9. Democrats Say Wells Fargo Probe “Far From Over” (Financial Times)
  10. Fed’s Kashkari Saw No Need to Raise Interest Rates This Week as Inflation Remains Tame (MarketWatch)
  11. Europe Is Worried About Trump’s Plans to De-Regulate Banks (CNBC)
  12. IMF Moves a Step Closer to Joining Greek Bailout, Sources Tell CNBC (CNBC)
  13. Global Bonds: Risking a Rude Central Bank Awakening (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/16/2017

  1. Evidence That China Is No Currency Manipulator (CNBC)
  2. BOJ Keeps Policy Steady as Fed Sticks to Rate Hike Path (CNBC)
  3. Bank of Japan Keeps Monetary Policy Unchanged (MarketWatch)
  4. Wrong Lessons From Canada’s Private Currency, Part 1 (Cato Institute)
  5. Fed Rate Moves Could Spell End to Asian Easing (Reuters)
  6. Lagarde Says Blast at Paris IMF Office “Cowardly Act of Violence” (CNBC)
  7. Bank of England Votes 8-1 to Hold Interest Rate at 0.25 Percent (CNBC)
  8. Fed Is Still Way Behind the Curve After Rate Hike, Says Former Governor (CNBC)
  9. PBOC Raises Yuan Midpoint the Most in Nearly Two Months (CNBC)
  10. China Tweaks Policy to Get Comfortable With Fed’s Rising Rates (Wall Street Journal)
  11. Fed and Investors Are a Happy Couple, for Now (Wall Street Journal)
  12. The Fed’s Era of Contentment (Wall Street Journal)
  13. Trump’s Currency Conundrum Risks Fueling G20 Trade Tensions (Wall Street Journal)
  14. Economists’ Costly Obsession With Demand (Wall Street Journal)
  15. Team Trump: Yellen and Mnuchin Head to G20 (Fox Business)
  16. Debate Over Bank Capital Requirements Heats Up (MarketWatch)
  17. Four Sanctioned North Korean Banks Delisted by SWIFT (MarketWatch)
  18. As Easy-Money Era Winds Down, Investors Bet on Growth (Wall Street Journal)
  19. China Raises Some Key Short-Term Interest Rates, Following Fed Closely (Wall Street Journal)
  20. Fed Eases Bank Merger Rules by Lifting Size Threshold for Review (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/15/2017

  1. Are We Heading Toward Another Subprime Mortgage Crisis? (Cato Institute)
  2. Fed Expected to Raise Rates as US Economy Flexes Muscle (Reuters)
  3. FOMC Monetary Policy Statment (Federal Reserve Board)
  4. FOMC Participant Summary of Economic Projections (Federal Reserve Board)
  5. Inflation Is Back, But Economy Remains Weak (CNBC)
  6. Atlanta Fed Downgrades US Q1 GDP View Below 1% (CNBC)
  7. After the Fed Rate Hike, Credit Card Holders Could Pay an Extra $1.6 Billion (MarketWatch)
  8. Making His First Dissent, Fed’s Kashkari Takes Up Dovish Banner (MarketWatch)
  9. Yellen Has a Simple Message for Consumers After Fed Rate Hike (MarketWatch)
  10. Fed Raises Interest Rates by a Quarter Point, Sees Two More Hikes This Year (MarketWatch)
  11. Here’s When Fed Officials Say They Will Hit 2% Inflation Target (MarketWatch)
  12. Yellen’s Message: My Work Here Is (Mostly) Done (New York Times)
  13. Fed Increases Interest Rates as Inflation Pressures Loom (Financial Times)
  14. This Startup Is Building a Bridge Between Banks and Legal Marijuana Sellers (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/14/2017

  1. EU Law Enforcement: Digital Currency Is Impeding Investigations (CoinDesk)
  2. CNBC Survey: Look Out for a More Aggressive Fed This Year (CNBC)
  3. BOE Deputy Governor Steps Down After Failing to Declare Barclays Link (MarketWatch)
  4. Why Three Rate Hikes in 2017 May Not Be Enough (Cato Institute)
  5. Fed, in Shift, May Move to Faster Pace of Rate Hikes (Reuters)
  6. Alternative Cryptocurrency Ether Has Done Something Only Bitcoin Has Managed to Do (CNBC)
  7. Three in Ten UK Bankers Worry About Consequences of Speaking Up, Survey Finds (CNBC)
  8. North Korean Banks Under US Sanctions Remain on SWIFT Network (Wall Street Journal)
  9. Trump to Nominate Goldman Sachs’ Donovan as Deputy Treasury Secretary (CNBC)
  10. Trump Nominates Six for Treasury Spots, Including Goldman Banker (MarketWatch)
  11. What Suddenly Lit a Fire Under the Fed? The Bubble Market? (MarketWatch)