Paul-Martin Foss

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/10/2017

  1. The US College Debt Bubble Is Becoming Dangerous (Financial Times)
  2. Cybertheft Attempt on Indian Bank Resembles Bangladesh Heist (Wall Street Journal)
  3. US Fed Could End Reinvestment Policy This Year: Fed’s Bullard (CNBC)
  4. Euro Exit for Italy or France Would Be a Trauma (Financial Times)
  5. Bank of England Pushed Banks to Rig LIBOR, Secret BBC Tape Suggests (MarketWatch)
  6. Bank of England Asks Financial Firms to Submit Brexit Contingency Plans (MercoPress)
  7. “Best Banker in America” Blamed for Wells Fargo Sales Scandal (Reuters)
  8. European Regulators Offer Brexit Sweeteners to Investment Banks (Reuters)
  9. Bank of England Drawn Into LIBOR Probe, Assists Serious Fraud Office (CNBC)
  10. IMF Warns Protectionism and Monetary Tightening to Hurt Emerging Markets (CNBC)
  11. Yellen Says Fed’s Efforts Shifting From Acceleration to Cruise Control (MarketWatch)
  12. The Tyvek Banknotes of Haiti (Coin Update)
  13. Yellen Says Fed’s Independence Under Threat From Congress (Fox Business)
  14. Fed’s Yellen Aims to Let “Healthy” US Economy Coast Along (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/7/2017

  1. Bank of England’s Carney Calls for UK-EU Rules Pact After Brexit (CNBC)
  2. Fed’s Kashkari to Jamie Dimon: It’s “Nothing Personal” – Big Banks Need to Double Their Safety Nets (CNBC)
  3. ECB’s Praet Says It’s Too Early to Start Discussing a Reduction of Bond Buying (CNBC)
  4. Principles for Financial Regulatory Reform: Speech by William Dudley (New York Fed)
  5. Fed’s Dudley Says US Should Consider Small Changes to Financial Regulation (CNBC)
  6. Fed’s Dudley Stakes Out Third Position on Too Big to Fail (MarketWatch)
  7. US Regulator Removes Top Examiner for Wells Fargo – Sources (Reuters)
  8. Wall Street Sees Fed Balance Sheet Normalization Plan by Year End: Reuters Poll (Reuters)
  9. Venezuela Clinches $300 Million Deal With New York Fund: Sources (Reuters)
  10. China Forex Reserves Rose for Second Straight Month in March (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/6/2017

  1. Fed Can Start Unwinding Stimulus This Year: Williams (CNBC)
  2. Gary Cohn Supports Splitting Lending and Investment Banks: Bloomberg (CNBC)
  3. Banks, Insurers May Suffer If US Gets Stuck in a Low Interest Rate Economy, IMF Says (MarketWatch)
  4. The Stock and Real Estate Markets Will Tumble Once the ECB Follows the Fed (MarketWatch)
  5. The Next Step in Europe’s Negative Interest Rate Experiment (Mises Institute)
  6. What Two Billion Retail Transactions Reveal About Consumers’ Choice of Payments (Richmond Fed)
  7. Dollar-Denominated Cryptocurrencies: Flops and Tethered Success (Cato Institute)
  8. PCGS to Begin Branch-Mint ID for Certain American Silver Eagles; Gives Tips on How to Identify the Branch (Coin Update)
  9. White House’s Cohn Backs Return to Glass-Steagall Law: Report (MarketWatch)
  10. Germany Is Doubling Down on Its Resistance to ECB Stimulus… and It’s Now Affecting the Euro (CNBC)
  11. Draghi Says ECB’s Policy Stance Is Still Appropriate, Too Soon to Reduce Stimulus (CNBC)
  12. NY Fed Disagrees With Minutes: Does Not Expect Balance Sheet Renormalization Until Mid-2018 (Zerohedge)
  13. ECB Calls for Tougher Regulation of Foreign Bank Branches (Reuters)
  14. Fed’s Kashkari Says JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon Is Dead Wrong About Banks (CNBC)
  15. The Fed’s New Frontier: What Happens, Why It Matters, and What Could Go Wrong (CNBC)
  16. ECB’s Mario Draghi: It’s Too Soon to Reduce Stimulus (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/5/2017

  1. Fed Plans to Shrink Balance Sheet This Year, Minutes Show (MarketWatch)
  2. Trump Continues to Ignore Monetary Policy – And It Will Cost Him (Mises Institute)
  3. Fannie and Freddie’s New Bubble (Mises Institute)
  4. Minutes of the March 14-15 Federal Open Market Committee Meeting (Federal Reserve Board)
  5. Welcoming Remarks by Governor Jerome Powell (Federal Reserve Board)
  6. European Union: New €50 “Europa” Series Banknote Issued Today (Coin Update)
  7. Fed’s Tarullo May Have Provided “Major Headache Relief” for Biggest Banks in His Farewell Speech (MarketWatch)
  8. Most Fed Policymakers See Change to Balance Sheet Policy “Later This year”: Minutes (Reuters)
  9. Wall Street Falls as Fed Minutes Reverse Earlier Rally (Reuters)
  10. Wells Fargo’s Aggressive Sales Tactics Hit Small Firms: WSJ (Reuters)
  11. US Consumer Financial Protection Chief Defends Agency Before Congress (Reuters)
  12. Fed Officials Say the Stock Market May Be Overvalued and History Shows They Are Often Right (CNBC)
  13. Fed Officials Expect to Whittle Down Portfolio Later This Year: Minutes (Wall Street Journal)
  14. Former Fed Policymaker Lockhart Says Lacker Leak Could “Very Well Be Inadvertent” (CNBC)
  15. Mexican Central Bank Says Trump’s Tweets Modified Peso Strategy (Reuters)
  16. Financial Institutions Risk 24 Percent Revenue Loss From Fintech: PwC (Reuters)
  17. Former Fed Advisor Says the Central Bank Shouldn’t Comment on Equities (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/4/2017

  1. Wrong Lessons From Canada’s Private Currency, Part 3 (Alt-M)
  2. Fed Reshuffle to Put Focus on Regulation and Bank Stress Tests (Financial Times)
  3. Majority of French Voters Want an EU Referendum: Citi (CNBC)
  4. Federal Reserve Is Committed to Maintaining the Security of Confidential FOMC Information (Federal Reserve Board)
  5. Richmond Fed Head Resigns, Admits Improper Discussions (Yahoo Finance)
  6. Departing Thoughts: Speech by Governor Daniel Tarullo (Federal Reserve Board)
  7. Big Banks Are Raking in the Revenue From the Trump Trade (CNBC)
  8. Fed’s Tarullo Says Volcker Rule May Be Hurting Trading (MarketWatch)
  9. Amazon’s Next Customer: Americans Who Don’t Have a Bank Account (MarketWatch)
  10. How the Global Debt Pile Rose to “Eye-Watering” Levels (MarketWatch)
  11. Richmond Fed President Quits After Disclosing He Leaked Sensitive Information (MarketWatch)
  12. Statement From Mark Bialek Concerning September 2012 FOMC Meeting Information (Office of the Inspector General of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)
  13. How to Wind Down Balance Sheet Will Be Focus of Fed Minutes (MarketWatch)
  14. Trump Says Planning “Haircut” for Dodd-Frank Banking Regulations (Reuters)
  15. Fed’s Tarullo: Reduction of Capital at US Banks “Would Be Ill-Advised” (CNBC)
  16. Bank of America’s CEO Says Lending to Startups, Homebuyers Would Expand If Deregulation Happens (CNBC)
  17. Pedro da Costa: “I Tried to Ask Yellen About the Fed Leak” (Zerohedge)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 4/3/2017

  1. ECB Warns Governments to Get Set for Higher Rates (CNBC)
  2. Why ECB’s Negative-Rate Policy Is Out of Order (Wall Street Journal)
  3. Trouble Bubbling Under at Chinese Banks (Wall Street Journal)
  4. Cash Cow Credit Cards May Get Hit by UK Bank Regulators (Wall Street Journal)
  5. Opening Remarks at the Economic Press Briefing on Household Borrowing, Student Debt Trends, and Homeownership by President William Dudley (New York Fed)
  6. Lost in the Balance Sheet Debate – the Fed May Pause Rate Hikes Once Runoff Begins (MarketWatch)
  7. Even After Brexit, Central Banks Choose Pounds Over Euros: Survey (MarketWatch)
  8. Fintech: Revolution or Evolution? – Speech by President Patrick Harker (Philadelphia Fed)
  9. How to Stop Venezuela’s Fatal Inflation (Cato Institute)
  10. Fed’s Harker Still Backs Two More Rate Hikes This Year (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/31/2017

  1. Inflation Reaches Fed Target for First Time in Nearly Five Years (MarketWatch)
  2. The War on Cash: Old and New (Mises Institute)
  3. China’s Global Currency Ambitions Falling Flat With Central Banks (MarketWatch)
  4. President Bullard Discusses US Economy, Interest Rates, Fed Balance Sheet at New York Forum (St. Louis Fed)
  5. Q&A With Neel Kashkari at the 2017 Banking Law Institute (Minneapolis Fed)
  6. Fed’s Bullard Says Economy “Not Screaming” for More Rate Hikes (MarketWatch)
  7. Fed’s Dudley Says Two More Interest Rate Hikes This Year “Seems Reasonable” (MarketWatch)
  8. Eurozone Technocrats Recommend EU/IMF Mission Chiefs Return to Greece for Bailout Talks (Reuters)
  9. Fed’s Kashkari Says Policymakers Want to Trim Balance Sheet (CNBC)
  10. China’s Tectonic Shift in Bank Funding (Wall Street Journal)
  11. Federal Reserve Readies Plan for Balance Sheet (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/30/2017

  1. Global Systemically Important Banks – Revised Assessment Framework – Consultative Document (Bank for International Settlements)
  2. Jim Rogers Warns Clueless Federal Reserve Will Be the “Ruins of Us All” (
  3. Fed’s Mester Not Worried About Expected Slowdown in First Quarter GDP (MarketWatch)
  4. Fed Officials Say They May Need to Pick Up Pace of Rate Increases (Wall Street Journal)
  5. ECB’s Knot Says Central Bank Could Soon Start Unwinding Stimulus (Wall Street Journal)
  6. The Importance of Financial Conditions in the Conduct of Monetary Policy (New York Fed)
  7. Fed’s Dudley Says Rate Hikes Are Appropriate to Reduce the Risk of Overheating (CNBC)
  8. Fed Is Not Taking Away the Punch Bowl, Just Adding “A Bit More Fruit Juice,” Dudley Says (MarketWatch)
  9. Fed’s Kaplan Sees Risk Washington Could Derail the Expansion (MarketWatch)
  10. The Case for Gradual But Regular Monetary Policy Normalization: Speech by President Eric Rosengren (Boston Fed)
  11. On Venezuela’s Death Spiral (Cato Institute)
  12. Fed Paper Suggests Investors Get Used to Low Rates (MarketWatch)
  13. Even With More Chip Cards Out There, Fraud at ATMs Is Up (MarketWatch)
  14. Senate Banking Chair Wants Financial Rules Reform By Early 2018 (Reuters)
  15. Fed Sees Car Trouble Down South (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 3/29/2017

  1. UK-Based Banks Already Knocking on Germany’s Door: Bundesbank (Reuters)
  2. Trump’s Free Hand on Bank Deregulation (Wall Street Journal)
  3. Supreme Court Orders New Look at “Swipe Fees” Law (CNBC)
  4. Spooked by Yield Rise, ECB Wary of Changing Message Again (CNBC)
  5. Fed’s Evans Says He Supports One or Two More Rate Hikes This Year (Reuters)
  6. The Times They Are A-Changin’: Speech by President Charles Evans (Chicago Fed)
  7. Are Payments Fast Enough Already? (Atlanta Fed)
  8. Why Canada’s Biggest Bank Is Hiring All the Engineers It Can Find (CNBC)
  9. Fed’s Williams: Don’t “Rule Out” More Than Three Rate Hikes This Year (CNBC)
  10. Fed’s Rosengren Wants Four Rate Hikes This Year (CNBC)
  11. Fed’s Rosengren Wants a Rate Hike at Every Other Meeting This Year (MarketWatch)