Paul-Martin Foss

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 2/21/2017

  1. SWIFT Is Recruiting Banks for Blockchain Tests (CoinDesk)
  2. Eurogroup Hails Progress With IMF on Greek Debt Deal (Financial Times)
  3. Cleveland Fed Chief “Comfortable” Raising Rates If Economy Keeps Performing (CNBC)
  4. Bank of England Says Raising Rates May Not Happen for Three Years (CNBC)
  5. India Prints New 1000 Rupee Note Three Months After Banning It (Cointelegraph)
  6. Russia Considers Cash Crackdwon to Halt Shadow Economy (Cointelegraph)
  7. US Labor Market Has “More Room to Run,” Fed’s Kashkari Says (CNBC)
  8. The Fed and the Market Are Having a Hard Time Getting on the Same Page (CNBC)
  9. March, May, or June? Minutes May Hold Clues on Timing of Next Interest Rate Hike (MarketWatch)
  10. Alan Greenspan Admits Ron Paul Was Right About Gold (Mises Institute)
  11. Q&A With Neel Kashkari (Minneapolis Fed)
  12. EU Banking Watchdog Eases Payments Rules to Boost Competition (Reuters)
  13. Dear China: Thank You for Manipulating Your Currency (Foundation for Economic Education)
  14. US Treasury Chief Tells IMF He Expects “Frank and Candid” Forex Analysis (CNBC)
  15. US Economy Looking Good, Fed Poised to Hike Rates: Harker (CNBC)
  16. The Fed Could Surprise the Markets When Traders Least Expect It (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 2/3/2017

  1. Fed’s Evans Wants Interest Rate Hikes at a “Slow Pace” (MarketWatch)
  2. Fed Puts More Emphasis on Commercial Real Estate in 2017 Stress Test (Reuters)
  3. Fed Outlines Terms for Bank Stress Test This Summer (Reuters)
  4. Fed’s Evans Sees Fiscal Boost to US Growth, Wants Slow Rate Hikes (CNBC)
  5. Trump Says He Will Cut “A Lot” Out of Financial Regulations (CNBC)
  6. Zimbabwe Introduces New “Bond Note” as Cash Shortages Bite (CNBC)
  7. US to World: Banking Deregulation Race Back On (Wall Street Journal)
  8. Trump Reforms Are Stuff of Banker Dreams (Wall Street Journal)
  9. Trump Economic Adviser Likens Wall Street Regulatory Regime to an Unappealing Restaurant Menu (MarketWatch)
  10. Trump Moves to Roll Back Obama-Era Financial Regulations (New York Times)
  11. Republican Attack on Fed Casts Doubt Over Global Bank Rules (Financial Times)
  12. China Tightens Monetary Policy by Raising Repo Rates (Wall Street Journal)
  13. UK Assures Gibraltar About Access to Financial Services Market and Sovereignty (MercoPress)
  14. Wall Street Stands With Two Fed-Hike Outlook for 2017: Reuters Poll (Reuters)
  15. The Uneasy Politician: Janet Yellen Is Struggling to Fend Off the Fed’s Many Critics (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 2/2/2017

  1. Bank of England Upgrades UK Growth Forecasts (Financial Times)
  2. Benefits of Leaving the Euro Are a Mirage: Draghi (Reuters)
  3. End of Central Bankers’ “15 Minutes of Fame” Draws Near: BOE’s Carney (Reuters)
  4. Rating Agencies Appear to Have Learned From Past Errors: ECB Study (Reuters)
  5. SNB’s Moser Says It Will Be Able to Normalize Monetary Policy in Future (Reuters)
  6. Bank of England Holds Rates as Expected, Ups Growth Forecasts for 2017 (CNBC)
  7. Remittances to Mexico Hit Record $27 Billion in 2016 (Wall Street Journal)
  8. Fed’s Participation in Overseas Regulatory Forums Is “Unacceptable,” Leading Republican Says (MarketWatch)
  9. The Fed That Cried Wolf: Rates Forecast in Doubt (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 2/1/2017

  1. FOMC Monetary Policy Statement (Federal Reserve Board)
  2. India Assaults Cash Again, 100% Fine for Cash Use Will Boost Bitcoin Price (Cointelegraph)
  3. Fed Holds Interest Rates as It Waits for Real Economy to Match Rising Confidence (MarketWatch)
  4. Strong Dollar Seen as Threat to Gold Revival (Financial Times)
  5. Central Banking: On Hold Amid Change in Washington (Wall Street Journal)
  6. Royal Mint Bullion Coin Sales Surge on Wave of Political Turmoil (Reuters)
  7. Fed’s Message on Portfolio Trimming: Prepare, Don’t Fret (Reuters)
  8. Share of Eurozone Sovereign Debt With Negative Yields Falls to 40 Percent – Tradeweb (Reuters)
  9. If Trump Shakes Up the Fed, Monetary Policy Won’t Be the Same for the Next 10 Years: Deutsche Bank (CNBC)
  10. Bank of England Seen Holding Rates as Economy Continues to Outperform (CNBC)
  11. Trump’s Beef With Berlin – Why Accusations of Euro Exploitation Are Simply “Nonsense” (CNBC)
  12. Looming Financial Crunch of Post-Brexit Britain (Wall Street Journal)
  13. Trump Devaluation Claims Raise Fears of Global Currency War (Financial Times)
  14. Japanese Regional Banks to Join Yuan Payment Network – Nikkei (Reuters)
  15. Bank of England Faces Brexit Balancing Act on Growth and Rates (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/31/2017

  1. Baptists and Bootleggers in the Organized Effort to Restrict the Use of Cash (Alt-M)
  2. Trump’s Top Trade Adviser Accuses Germany of Currency Exploitation (Financial Times)
  3. Fed Likely to Keep Rates Steady as It Awaits Trump Economic Plan (Reuters)
  4. Germany Throws Cold Water on EU “Bad Bank” Plan to Tackle Soured Loans (Reuters)
  5. Merkel Rejects US Comments, Says Germany Cannot Influence Euro (Reuters)
  6. Weak Pay Growth Is Posing a Big Headache for the Fed (CNBC)
  7. Deutsche Bank Fined $204 Million by British Regulator FCA for Serious Anti-Money Laundering Control Failings (CNBC)
  8. Bank of Japan Airs Concern Over Donald Trump’s Protectionist Approach (Wall Street Journal)
  9. Eurozone Economy Grows at Faster Pace Than US (Wall Street Journal)
  10. Researcher: EU’s Plan to Restrict Cash Payments Could Have Unexpected Economic Effects (Helsinki Times)
  11. Three Things to Watch For at the Bank of England’s “Super Thursday” (MarketWatch)
  12. Gold Becomes One of Investors’ Favorite Safe Havens With Trump Uncertainty (Reuters)
  13. Japan Policymakers Reject Trump Devaluation Claims (Reuters)
  14. No “New London” in EU After Brexit, Says Irish Central Bank Head (Reuters)
  15. ECB’s Lane Says UK and EU May Need Arrangement for Post-Brexit Central Bank Ties (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/30/2017

  1. Should Cash Be Abolished? (Mises Institute)
  2. Things Just Got Serious in Europe’s War on Cash (Economic Policy Journal)
  3. The US “Debt Bomb Is Going to Explode,” Strategist Peter Schiff Says (CNBC)
  4. Will Trump Drop His Grumbling About Fed and Favor Low Rates? (Fox Business)
  5. Fed Has Turned More Dovish Ahead of Meeting, Analysis Finds (MarketWatch)
  6. New Eurozone Loans to Greece Hinge on IMF Participation in Bailout: ESM (Reuters)
  7. Germany Talks to Banks About Frankfurt Move After Brexit (Reuters)
  8. Not Again? Why Greece Could Be on Track for Another Bailout (CNBC)
  9. Federal Reserve Staffer Fined for Mining Bitcoins at Work (CoinDesk)
  10. Fed to Hold Interest Rates While Congress Debates Stimulus (MarketWatch)
  11. Central Banks Should Revert to Conventional Tools, New BIS Head Says (Reuters)
  12. Fed Exempts Smaller Banks From Part of “Stress Test” in Expected Move (Reuters)
  13. Deutsche Bank to Pay $425 Million Fine Over Russian Money-Laundering Scheme: New York Regulator (CNBC)
  14. Bank of Japan Maintains Inflation Forecast (MarketWatch)
  15. BOJ Keeps Policy Steady, Maintains Upbeat Price Forecasts (Reuters)

Weekend Money & Banking News Update: 1/28-1/29/2017

  1. Trump Lifts Hope of New Term for Bank of Japan’s Haruhiko Kuroda (Financial Times)
  2. Eurozone Bailout Fund – Greek Public Debt Is Manageable (Reuters)
  3. Greek Privatization Revenues Hinge on Swift Bailout Review: Official (Reuters)
  4. ECB Inspection of Monte dei Paschi Ongoing: BOI Official (Reuters)
  5. Italy Government Fund Has Room to Recapitalize Other Banks After Monte dei Paschi: BOI (Reuters)
  6. Trump’s Trade Approach Could Harm World Growth: ECB’s Visco (CNBC)
  7. BOJ to Keep Policy Steady, Seek to Allay Tapering Fears (CNBC)
  8. Fed Grapples With Massive Portfolio (Wall Street Journal)
  9. Japan Central Bank to Weigh Unpredictable Factor at Meeting: Trump (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/27/2017

  1. Bank of England to Sit Tight as Brexit Crosswinds Blow (Reuters)
  2. Fed to Align Itself With Government Hiring Freeze (Wall Street Journal)
  3. Bank of England: “Tougher Regs” for “World’s Leading Fintech Center” London (Cointelegraph)
  4. Greece Faces “Explosive” Surge in Public Debt, IMF Warns (Financial Times)
  5. Citigroup Quietly Launches Small Business Lending Website (Reuters)
  6. US Bank Trade Group Seeks Marketplace Lending Partnership (Reuters)
  7. Italy Will Respect EU Budget Rules But Not Risk Depressing Economy: PM Gentiloni (Reuters)
  8. Germany Pours Cold Water on Europe’s Bond-Backed “Safe Assets” (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/26/2017

  1. Venezuelan Authorities Arrest Four Bitcoin Miners (MarketWatch)
  2. Stricter Bitcoin Regulation, Ban on Mixers Recommended at Interpol, Europol Conference (Bitcoin Magazine)
  3. Shrinking the Fed’s Balance Sheet (Ben Bernanke’s Blog)
  4. No Clarifications Needed on Italy’s Banking Rescue: EU’s Dijsselbloem (Reuters)
  5. Swiss Private Banks See Asset Influx After US Election: Baer CEO (Reuters)
  6. EU Economy Chief: Fears of Euro’s Demise Premature (Reuters)
  7. Trump’s Eventual Fed Chief Is Still Going to Be “Very Dovish,” Jim Grant Says (CNBC)
  8. Growth Looms Larger Than Brexit for Bank of England (Wall Street Journal)
  9. The IRS Is Trying to Keep Coinbase From Defending Its Customer Data (CoinDesk)
  10. Will Global Cash Woes Boost Bitcoin’s Use (Bitcoin Magazine)
  11. Bernanke Says Fed Shouldn’t Rush to Sell Assets (MarketWatch)
  12. Renminbi in Retreat as International Payment Currency (Financial Times)
  13. IMF Participation to Greek Bailout “Non-Negotiable” – EU’s Dijsselbloem (Reuters)
  14. Eurozone Heading for Trouble Without More Convergence: IMF (Reuters)
  15. Looser Eurozone Fiscal Stance Not in Line With Rules, Sustainability – IMF (Reuters)
  16. ECB Should Keep Monetary Policy Loose for Extended Time – IMF (Reuters)
  17. ECB’s Villeroy Pushes Back Against Calls for QE Exit (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/25/2017

  1. China’s Central Bank to Continue Bitcoin Exchange Inspections (CoinDesk)
  2. Janet Yellen’s 2017 Outlook (Mises Institute)
  3. European Government Woo Retreating Primary Bond Dealers (Reuters)
  4. Global Negative-Yielding Debt Slips to $9.1 Trillion: Fitch (Reuters)
  5. Germany Calls Bankers to Frankfurt for Brexit Move Talks – Sources (Reuters)
  6. Germany’s Schäuble Warns UK Against Trying to Become Tax Haven (Reuters)
  7. Under Trump, US Banks Could Get a British Makeover (Wall Street Journal)
  8. Trump’s Real Trade Problem Is Money (Wall Street Journal)
  9. China’s Central Bank Is Testing a Blockchain-Backed Digital Currency (CoinDesk)
  10. China’s Shadow Banking Crusade Risks Bond Market Crash (Reuters)
  11. China Banks Extend Record 12.65 Trillion Yuan in Loans in 2016 as Debt Worries Mount (Reuters)
  12. Bank of England’s Carney Sees Systemic Risks as Fintech Booms (Reuters)
  13. Credit Card Competition Is Running Too Hot (Wall Street Journal)