The mission of the Carl Menger Center is to preserve and expand upon Ron Paul’s legacy in the field of monetary policy. The Center exists to further the education of the American people and American policymakers on topics of money and banking. Fiat money is, always has been, and always will be a destructive force that tears apart the fibers of society.

The Carl Menger Center hopes to make the American people aware of the destruction wrought by government involvement in and monopolization of money creation, the collusion between big government and big banks, and the necessity for wide-ranging structural reform.

As the only organization in Washington dedicated to monetary reform, the Carl Menger Center will ensure that Dr. Paul’s views on monetary policy will remain in the public eye. With the American monetary system in turmoil and the future of the dollar at a prominent turning point, it is more important than ever that Dr. Paul’s monetary views be prominently publicized.

Our goal is to sow the seeds that will lead to a greater understanding among the American people of the pernicious effects of the Federal Reserve System and its banking cartel, with the ultimate goal of achieving a critical mass of educated Americans who demand and are able to implement a sound monetary system.