Weekend Money & Banking News Update: 08/27-08/28/2016

  1. “Banking Black” Becomes the Latest Form of Social Protest (CNBC)
  2. Fed Searching for Tools to Fight the Next Recession (MarketWatch)
  3. The Fed Is Overestimating Economic Growth (Cato Institute)
  4. Coeuré Says “Half-Baked Government Reforms Not Helping ECB Outlook (Reuters)
  5. Global Central Bankers, Stuck at Zero, Unite in Plea for Help From Governments (Reuters)
  6. As Fed Nears Rate Hikes, Policymakers Plan for “Brave New World” (Reuters)
  7. Fed Could Use Reserves Payments to Stimulate US Economy: Paper (Reuters)
  8. German Finance Minister Says ECB’s Low Interest Rates “Harmful” (Reuters)
  9. ECB Rates Could Stay Low If Other Policy Areas Don’t Contribute: Coeuré (Reuters)
  10. St. Louis Fed President: US Has Weathered Global Risks (Wall Street Journal) (VIDEO)
  11. Atlanta Fed President Ready to Consider Raising Rates (Wall Street Journal) (VIDEO)
  12. Former IMF Economist Argues for a Cash-Free America (MarketWatch)
  13. SNB’s Maechler Currently Sees No Scope to Lift Negative Rates – Interview (Reuters)
  14. BOJ Won’t Hesitate to Take Action to Meet Inflation Goals, Kuroda Says (MarketWatch)
  15. Central Bankers Fear Threat of Low-Growth Rut (Financial Times)
  16. Cleveland Fed’s Mester Outlines “Compelling” Case for Rate Rise (Financial Times)
  17. BOJ’s Kuroda Vows “No Hesitation” on More QE, Lower Negative Rates (CNBC)
  18. Fed’s Dislike of Negative Interest Rates Points to Limits of Stimulus Measures (Wall Street Journal)
  19. Two Regional Fed Chiefs Doubt Central Bank Would Raise Rates Twice This Year (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 08/26/2016

  1. The Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy Toolkit: Past, Present, and Future – Speech by Chairman Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve Board)
  2. Fed’s Mester Says “We’ll Have Some Strengthening in the Second Half of the Year” (CNBC)
  3. Fed’s Bullard Says September Might Be a Good Time to Raise Interest Rates (CNBC)
  4. Yellen: Case for Raising Rates Has Strengthened “In Recent Months” (CNBC)
  5. Yellen Says Case for a Fed Interest Rate Increase Has Grown Stronger (New York Times)
  6. Fed’s Forecast of Gradual Rate Hikes Is Damaging Its Credibility and the Economy, Bullard Says (MarketWatch)
  7. Fed’s Lockhart Sees Up to Two Rate Hikes This Year (Reuters)
  8. Schooled in the Short Run, Central Banks Struggle with a Long-Term Role (Reuters)
  9. QE Infinity: Are We Heading Into the Unknown? (CNBC)
  10. Yellen Explains Why the Fed Did Not Reduce Balance Sheet to Tighten Policy (MarketWatch)
  11. Yellen Wants to Explore New Tools for Fed’s Inflation-Fighting Toolkit (MarketWatch)
  12. Negative Rates Are Best Stimulus Option, Fed Officials Told at Jackson Hole (MarketWatch)
  13. Fed’s Powell Says Central Bank Can Be Patient as It Raises Interest Rates (MarketWatch)
  14. Fed’s Fischer: Yellen’s Speech Consistent with Possibility of Two Interest Rate Hikes This Year (MarketWatch)
  15. Fed’s Yellen Offers Dose of Uncertainty to Markets Hungry for a Clue (Reuters)
  16. For the Fed’s Yellen “Conventional” Unconventional Policy Is Enough (Reuters)
  17. Fed’s Bullard Sets Off Spat with Quip Over Activists’ Funding (Reuters)
  18. Fed’s Fischer: Economy Is Stronger, Next Jobs Report a Key for Hike Decision (CNBC)
  19. Janet Yellen Cries Wolf (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 08/25/2016

  1. Fed’s Esther George: Interest Rates Should Go Higher, But Gradually (CNBC)
  2. Fed’s George Says It’s Time for Raising Interest Rates (MarketWatch)
  3. The Head of Germany’s Largest Bank Says Negative Rates Are “Fatal” (MarketWatch)
  4. Central Bankers Eye Public Spending to Plug $1 Trillion Investment Gap (Reuters)
  5. Fed’s Kaplan: Case Strengthening for Rate Hike Soon (CNBC)
  6. Portugal Minister on Bank Recap Plan: “This Is Another Big Step for Our Financial System” (CNBC)
  7. What to Learn From the ECB’s Great European Corporate Bond Squeeze (Wall Street Journal)
  8. A Weak Yuan Is a Bigger Threat to the Global Economy Than Brexit (MarketWatch)
  9. Low Rates and High Anxiety at Jackson Hole (Financial Times)
  10. A New Fed First: FOMC Official Takes to Twitter to Pan Banker (MarketWatch)
  11. Inside the Fed’s Jackson Hole Retreat (MarketWatch)
  12. Clinton Unveils Plan to Boost Smaller Banks in Latest Sign of Lenders’ Clout (Politico)
  13. Regulators to Dig Deeper Into Worries Over Money-Laundering Checks (Reuters)
  14. Years of Fed Missteps Fueled Disillusion with the Economy and Washington (Wall Street Journal)
  15. Fed Officials Meet with Activists, Try to Relieve Fears (MarketWatch)
  16. “Fed Up” Activists Give Message to Jackson Hole (Financial Times)
  17. Janet Yellen’s Jackson Hole Speech: The View From Markets (Financial Times)
  18. Central Bankers Ponder Moving the Goalposts (Financial Times)
  19. Fed Policymakers Meet with Activists, Say They Will Not Brake Economy (Reuters)
  20. US Bank Group to Launch Zelle Instant Payments Brand in 2017 (Reuters)
  21. Jackson Hole Participants to Discuss Frameworks for Low-Rate World (Wall Street Journal)
  22. Kansas City Fed’s Jackson Hole Economic Symposium Agenda (Kansas City Fed)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 08/24/2016

  1. American’s Biggest Banks Have a New Name for Their Venmo-Killer: Zelle (Wall Street Journal)
  2. Four Major Banks Confirm They Are Building Bitcoin-Like Digital Currency (Cointelegraph)
  3. Fed Doesn’t Have Real Plan to Make Policy: CNBC Survey Respondents (CNBC)
  4. Big Banks Push Forward with Blockchain Technology (Financial Times)
  5. Why Portugal Could Be Europe’s Next Economic Disaster (MarketWatch)
  6. UBS Leads Team of Banks Working on Blockchain Settlement System (Reuters)
  7. China Takes Aggressive Steps to Fend Off Banking, Financial Risks (Reuters)
  8. Central Bankers Jockey to Avoid Having Strongest Currency (MarketWatch)
  9. Jim Grant: The Fed Is Now Hostage to Wall Street (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
  10. Existential Threat Looms Over Central Bankers as They Gather at Jackson Hole (MarketWatch)
  11. US Banking Regulators Focused on Cybersecurity After SWIFT Attack (Reuters)
  12. China’s Central Bank Moves to Deflate Bond Speculation (MarketWatch)
  13. EU, Portugal Reach Deal to Shore Up Nation’s Largest Bank (MarketWatch)
  14. Fed Officials to Meet with Activists Ahead of Jackson Hole Conference (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 08/23/2016

  1. 45 Years Without Gold (Mises Institute)
  2. The Neutral Rate Debate: Just How Accommodative Is Fed Policy? (Financial Times)
  3. BOE’s Bond-Buying Struggles Reverberate Across Eurozone Markets (Reuters)
  4. Investors Skeptical of Fed’s Rate Policy Ahead of Yellen Speech (Reuters)
  5. ECB Faces Bulked-Up Government Bond Buying If QE Extended Beyond March (Reuters)
  6. Ramen Noodles: The Unexpected Gold Standard in Prison Currency (CNBC)
  7. Fed Going Out to Jackson Hole to Get Divorce From Markets (MarketWatch)
  8. Minutes of July 25, 2016 Discount Rate Meeting (Federal Reserve Board)
  9. Big Banks Plan to Coin a New Digital Currency (Financial Times)
  10. China’s Yuan Back to Fifth Most-Used World Payment Currency – SWIFT (Reuters)
  11. State Insurance Regulators Say US Government Ignored Them in MetLife Case (Reuters)
  12. Eight Fed Banks Urge Discount Rate Increase: Minutes (Reuters)
  13. Euro Currency Doomed Unless Changes Made, Says Nobel Winner Joseph Stiglitz (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 08/22/2016

  1. Boutique Banks Upend Wall Street (CNBC)
  2. The Bank of England Turns to More Easy Money (Mises Institute)
  3. Questions About Central Bank Firepower Loom at Jackson Hole (Financial Times)
  4. Fed’s George to Meet with Protesters Ahead of Jackson Hole Summit (MarketWatch)
  5. US Banks Want to Cut Branches, But Customers Keep Coming (Reuters)
  6. One Policy to Rule Them All: Why Central Bank Divergence Is So Slow (Wall Street Journal)
  7. Longview: The Economic Outlook (San Francisco Fed)
  8. Economists Not Willing to Give Hawks Like Fischer Benefit of Doubt (MarketWatch)
  9. Fed Admits Another $4 Trillion in QE Will Be Needed to Offset an “Economic Shock” (Zerohedge)
  10. Federal Reserve Under Growing Pressure to Reform System, Goals (Reuters)
  11. The Blessing of Cash (Mises Institute)
  12. Bank of Japan’s Rush Into Stocks Raises Fears of Market Distortions (Reuters)
  13. Government on Hook for China Banks’ Shrinking Capital (Reuters)
  14. Former Fed Staffer, Activists Detail Plan to Overhaul Central Bank (Wall Street Journal)

Weekend Money & Banking News Update: 08/20-08/21/2016

  1. India Taps Insider Patel as Central Bank Governor, Ensures Continuity (Reuters)
  2. BOJ’s Kuroda Says Won’t Rule Out Deepening Negative Rate Cut (Reuters)
  3. Remarks on the US Economy by Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer (Federal Reserve Board)
  4. Fed’s Fischer Upbeat on Economic Targets (Financial Times)
  5. Questions About Central Bank Firepower Loom at Jackson Hole (Financial Times)
  6. Fed’s Fischer: “We Are Close to Our Targets” (MarketWatch)
  7. Fed Close to Hitting Job and Inflation Targets: Fischer (Reuters)
  8. Fed’s Fischer Says Better Fiscal and Regulatory Policies Could Improve Productivity (Wall Street Journal)
  9. Fed Officials Brace for (Familiar) New Normal (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 08/19/2016

  1. Fed Has Limited Room to Maneuver on Interest Rate Hikes: Kaplan (CNBC)
  2. London Financial Sector Gives Up on Full Access to EU Single Market (CNBC)
  3. Savers Hit by Negative Rates Are Starting to Store Their Cash in Safes: S&P (CNBC)
  4. Japanese Banks Plan Blockchain Currency Exchange (CoinDesk)
  5. Yellen to Say “Ready” for Another Rate Hike in Jackson Hole? (MarketWatch)
  6. Weaker Dollar Gives Janet Yellen an Opening at Jackson Hole (Financial Times)
  7. Fed Guessing Game Moves Up a Gear as Yellen Takes Stage (Reuters)
  8. It Could Be a Tough Week for Janet Yellen (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 08/18/2016

  1. Remarks on the Regional Economy by President William Dudley (New York Fed)
  2. Philly Fed Business Index Rises, Job Gauge Hits Seven-Year Low (CNBC)
  3. Key FOMC Member Dudley Highlights Improving Job Market (CNBC)
  4. Activists Face a Big Challenge Taking on Wall Street Banks (CNBC)
  5. Goldman Sachs: A Play for the 99% (CNBC)
  6. BOJ Cornered as Japanese Banks Running Out of Bonds to Sell (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
  7. Cautious ECB Hints at Further Action in September (Financial Times)
  8. ECB Warns of Unpredictable Brexit Effects (MarketWatch)
  9. People with Low Checking Account Balances Pay Over $500 a Year in Fees (MarketWatch)
  10. US Federal Reserve Launches Facebook Page (Reuters)
  11. Wall Street Isn’t What It Used to Be, the Fed’s Dudley Says (CNBC)
  12. Fed Knows Policy Doesn’t Work Anymore But It Won’t Admit It: Strategist (CNBC)
  13. Brexit Vote Creates “Headwinds”: ECB Minutes (CNBC)
  14. India’s Next Central Bank Governor Could Be One of These Men (CNBC)
  15. Bank of Japan Likely to Take Bold Easing Action, Abe Advisor Says (Wall Street Journal)
  16. Brexit Effects Worry ECB, But Bank Holds Fire on Stimulus (Wall Street Journal)
  17. DHS Awards $400,000 to Four Blockchain Firms For Identity Verification Development (Cointelegraph)
  18. Fed’s Dudley Upbeat on US Employment, Return of Middle-Wage Jobs (CNBC)
  19. We Can’t Live on Borrowed Time and Borrowed Money Forever (Mises Institute)
  20. Central Banks Now Selling US Debt at Record Pace (Daily Signal)
  21. Fed’s Williams Appears to Back September Rate Hike (MarketWatch)
  22. NY Fed, Bangladesh Central Bank to Resume Normal Money Transfers (Reuters)
  23. Frankfurt Woos London Banks After Brexit Vote (Reuters)
  24. Fed’s Williams: Waiting Too Long to Hike Rates Could Be Costly (CNBC)
  25. As Markets Move Past Brexit, Central Banks Keep Hanging On (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 08/17/2016

  1. Bitfinex: Cause of Bitcoin Hack Still “Unknown” (CoinDesk)
  2. China Uncovers $30 Billion Worth of Illegal Banking Activity (CNBC)
  3. Market’s Response to Hawkish Fed Rate Hike Chatter: “Show Me” (CNBC)
  4. Saudi Arabia Learns From Central Banking (Financial Times)
  5. Fed Seems More Willing to Let Inflation Overshoot, Analysts Say (MarketWatch)
  6. The Central Bank That Cried Wolf? Talk of Higher US Interest Rates Is Often Just That (MarketWatch)
  7. US Mortgage Demand to Buy Homes Hits Six-Month Low: MBA (Reuters)
  8. Not So SWIFT – Bank Messaging System Slow to Address Weak Points (Reuters)
  9. Political Risk? Banking Crisis? Investors Buy Eurozone Debt Anyway (Reuters)
  10. Fed’s Bullard Sticks With Single Rate Hike Outlook (CNBC)
  11. Minutes of the July 26-27 FOMC Meeting (Federal Reserve Board)
  12. Fed Was Split in July Over Whether an Interest Rate Hike Would Be Needed Soon, Minutes Show (MarketWatch)
  13. Fed Policymakers Divided Over Whether to Raise Rates Soon: Minutes (Reuters)
  14. Don’t Look for Data to Move Fed From Its Roost Anytime Soon (CNBC)