Daily Money & Banking News Update: 05/24/2016

  1. Report: US Postal Service Could Create Its Own Digital Currency (CoinDesk)
  2. June Rate Hike Appropriate Unless Data Weakens: Fed’s Harker (CNBC)
  3. Global Investment Banks See “Slowest Start to the Year” Since Financial Crisis (CNBC)
  4. Big Banks Lose as US Appeals Court Revives LIBOR Lawsuits (CNBC)
  5. Bank of England’s Carney, Under Fresh Fire, Defends Brexit Message (Reuters)
  6. Hedge Funds, Anticipating ECB Buys, Move Into Long-Dated Eurozone Debt (Reuters)
  7. China Finance Industry to Sell Offshore Renminbi Bonds in London (CNBC)
  8. IMF Calls for “Unconditional” Debt Relief for Greece (CNBC)
  9. Four Fed Banks Called for Discount Rate Hike: Minutes (CNBC)
  10. China’s Central Bank Fixes Yuan at 2011 Low Against Dollar (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 05/23/2016

  1. Fed’s Bullard Sees Tight US Labor Market Putting Upward Pressure on Inflation (CNBC)
  2. The Fed Has Fueled Inflation – And It’s Helping the Rich (MarketWatch)
  3. Brexit and Bank of Japan Easing Described as Major Risks at G7 Finance and Central Banks Meeting (MercoPress)
  4. Brexit Looms Over Mid-June Fed Meeting, Williams Says (Reuters)
  5. Fed’s Bullard: Rates Too Low for Too Long Could Be Risky (Reuters)
  6. Fed’s Williams Sees US Rate Hikes Despite Brexit Risk, More in 2017 (Reuters)
  7. The High Cost of Ultralow Interest Rates (Wall Street Journal)
  8. Fed’s Harker Can “Easily” See Two to Three More Rate Hikes This Year (MarketWatch)
  9. Fed May Not Shrink Swollen Portfolio to Pre-Crisis Size – Harker (Reuters)
  10. New York Lawmaker Warns on US Financial Security After SWIFT Attacks (Reuters)
  11. Bangladesh Bank Heist Trail Goes Cold in Manila as Probes Falter (Reuters)
  12. SWIFT to Unveil New Security Plan After Hackers’ Heists (Reuters)
  13. A Rare Look Inside China’s Central Bank Shows Slackening Resolve to Revamp Yuan (Wall Street Journal)

Weekend Money & Banking News Update: 05/21-05/22/2016

  1. US, Japan Clash Over Yen Policy at G7 Meeting (MarketWatch)
  2. China Central Bank Seeking Ways to Collect Online Lending Data (Reuters)
  3. IMF Researchers Say Japan Monetary Easing Has Benefits for Asian Economies (Reuters)
  4. Economists’ Expectations Grow Over Federal Reserve Rate Rise (Financial Times)
  5. China Steps Up War on Banks’ Bad Debt (Financial Times)
  6. Fed’s John Williams Says Election Won’t Stop Central Bank From Raising Rates (MarketWatch)
  7. Greek Parliament Approves Reforms in Exchange for Aid, Debt Relief (Reuters)
  8. BOJ Governor Kuroda Says He Has Monetary Policy Levers Still to Pull to Hit Inflation Target (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 05/20/2016

  1. SWIFT Tells Banks to Share Information on Hacks (CNBC)
  2. Will Mr. Market and Ms. Fed Ever Get Divorced? (MarketWatch)
  3. Insurance Companies and the Role of the Federal Reserve: Speech by Governor Daniel Tarullo (Federal Reserve Board)
  4. LIBOR Alternatives Put on the Table (Financial Times)
  5. US Warns Japan Against Yen Intervention (Financial Times)
  6. Banks Identify Possible Replacements for US Libor (Reuters)
  7. Rules for “Too Big to Fail” Insurance Firms Coming Soon: Fed Official (Reuters)
  8. The World’s Financial Leaders Gather in Japan: What’ll Be the Big Talking Points? (CNBC)
  9. Credit Card Debt Nears $1 Trillion (Wall Street Journal) (VIDEO)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 05/19/2016

  1. Money, Interest, and Prices: Patinkin and Woodford – Speech by Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer (Federal Reserve Board)
  2. Opening Remarks by President William Dudley at the Economic Press Briefing on the US Economy in a Snapshot (New York Fed)
  3. Fed’s Dudley Addresses Brexit and Possible Summer Rate Hike (CNBC)
  4. Deutsche Bank Sees Further Big Legal Costs in 2016 (CNBC)
  5. The €80 Billion Question: Is the ECB Struggling to Buy Peripheral Bonds? (Wall Street Journal)
  6. Brexit Risks Nowhere to Be Found in the FTSE 100 and UK Gilt Market (Wall Street Journal)
  7. Bangladesh Bank Official’s Computer Was Hacked to Carry Out $81 Million Heist: Diplomat (Reuters)
  8. Hong Kong Launches Fresh Plan to Fortify Cyber Security After SWIFT Heist (Reuters)
  9. European Banks Still Wary on Iran Trade Over Financing, Sanctions Risks (Reuters)
  10. Senator Carper Seeks Information From SWIFT, NY Fed on Cybersecurity (Reuters)
  11. ECB Rate Setters Closed Ranks Against Critics in April Meeting (CNBC)
  12. Fed Puts Investors on Notice Over Rates (Financial Times)
  13. US Banks Grapple with Negative LIBOR (Reuters)
  14. China-Backed AIIB to Look at Putin Proposals for Russia Financing (Reuters)
  15. Dudley Joins Chorus of Fed Officials Seeing Rate Hikes Soon (Reuters)
  16. ECB Has No Plan to Cut Deposit Rate at Present: Coeuré (Reuters)
  17. Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase to Add Ether Currency to Trading Platform (Reuters)
  18. Samsung to Partner with Alibaba on Mobile Payments in China (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 05/18/2016

  1. Negative Interest Rates: A Tax in Sheep’s Clothing (St. Louis Fed)
  2. A Lesson From Forbes on How to Whitewash the Austrian School of Economics (Economic Policy Journal)
  3. Japan Fund Managers Create Customized ETFs for Central Bank (Financial Times)
  4. This Bitcoin Challenger Is Up 1,100% This Year – But Is It Ready for Prime Time? (MarketWatch)
  5. Orthodox Economist Goldfajn Confirmed as Brazil’s Central Bank Governor (MercoPress)
  6. Selected Highlights From the Fed Minutes (MarketWatch)
  7. Minutes of April 26-27 FOMC Meeting (Federal Reserve Board)
  8. Federal Reserve System Inspector General Semiannual Report to Congress (Federal Reserve OIG)
  9. Fed Open to Hiking Interest Rates in June (MarketWatch)
  10. Five Banks Sued in US for Rigging $9 Trillion Agency Bond Market (Reuters)
  11. At Time of Fed Hack, Bank of Bangladesh Targeted by Others: Source (CNBC)
  12. Fed to Markets: June Rate Increase Is on the Table (Wall Street Journal)/li>

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 05/17/2016

  1. Chinese State-Controlled Bank to Buy London’s Mini-Fort Knox (CNBC)
  2. Inflation Rises in April at Fastest Rate in Three Years (MarketWatch)
  3. US Banks, Regulators See Progress, But Not Yet Victory, in Culture Battle (Reuters)
  4. US Lifts Lid on Saudi Arabia’s Treasury Holdings (Financial Times)
  5. Eurozone Ministers to Seek Greek Reform, Debt Deal on May 24 (Reuters)
  6. Slovenian Bank Was Recipient Named in Failed Vietnam Cyber-Heist (Reuters)
  7. Portugal Banks Have to Offload Bad Loans, Assets, Need EU Waiver (Reuters)
  8. German Constitutional Court Confirms Complaint Against ECB Policy (CNBC)
  9. Yellen to Speak in Philadelphia in Early June (Wall Street Journal)
  10. JP Morgan Tightens Employees’ SWIFT Access Following Breaches (MarketWatch)
  11. Minutes Expected to Show Fed Is Serious About Tightening This Year (MarketWatch)
  12. Markets Underestimate Chance of June Rate Rise Says Fed Official (Financial Times)
  13. Fed Officials Williams, Lockhart Stress That June Meeting Is “Live” (MarketWatch)
  14. Threat of US Backlash May Deter Japan From Weakening Yen (MarketWatch)
  15. Five Things to Watch in the Fed’s April Meeting Minutes (Wall Street Journal)
  16. Fed’s Kaplan Wants Rate Hike in June or July (Reuters)
  17. US Banks Push SWIFT to Boost Security After Hacks (Reuters)
  18. Fed Officials Flag Potential for June Rate Increase (Wall Street Journal)
  19. San Francisco Fed President Discusses Rate Hikes (Wall Street Journal) (VIDEO)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 05/16/2016

  1. Fed’s Lacker Says June Hike Should Be on the Agenda (CNBC)
  2. Securing Better Money Through Currency Competition (Mises Institute)
  3. Top Fed Official: “The Case for Raising Rates Looks Pretty Strong” (Washington Post)
  4. The Scourge of Negative Rates and Norway’s Shrinking Wealth Fund (David Stockman’s Contra Corner)
  5. UK “Highly Unlikely” to Use Negative Interest Rates, Says Bank of England Chief (MarketWatch)
  6. Few Major Countries Have Altered Inflation Targets – Bank of Canada (Reuters)
  7. How Mortgages Could Keep This Central Bank in Check (Wall Street Journal)
  8. The “Audit the Fed” Movement Is Taking a Big Step Forward in Congress This Week (CNBC)
  9. China’s Largest Bank Is Quietly Cornering the Market for London Physical Gold (Zerohedge)
  10. Some ECB Measures Blur Lines Between Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Weidmann (Reuters)
  11. US Regulators Move Toward Tracking Treasury Cash Trades (Reuters)